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Part II:
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aPerson.Age = 34; int age = aPerson.Age;
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Simple Example: Local Network Priority A multihomed computer,, has three A resource records for each of its three IP addresses in the zone. These three records appear in the following order in the zone, either in the zone file or in Active Directory:
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The infrastructure for the VPN test lab network consists of five computers perform ing the following services:
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2. Type a computer name and choose a desktop background. Setup suggests a default name by tacking the -PC suffi x to the user name you created in the previous step. You re free to suggest a more descriptive name if you prefer.
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Other controls that the XmlTextWriter class performs on the generated XML output ensure that each document starts with the standard XML prolog, shown in the following code, and that any DOCTYPE node always precedes the document root node: < xml version="1.0" > This said, there is no absolute guarantee that users won't write badly formed code. If the bad format can be detected, the writer throws an exception. Otherwise, the file is considered correctly written, but client applications might complain about it, as in Figure 4-2.
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Turning on tracing is easy . Simply set the Trace property of the page to true . You can turn on tracing either by modifying the ASPX code directly or by setting the Trace property using the Properties window in the Visual Studio Designer . Here s the Trace property being turned on directly in the ASPX code as part of the page directive:
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Feedback fb1 = new Feedback(FeedbackToConsole); Feedback fb2 = new Feedback(FeedbackToMsgBox); Feedback fbChain = (Feedback) Delegate.Combine(fb1, fb2); // At this point, fbChain refers to a delegate that calls // FeedbackToMsgBox, this delegate refers to another delegate that // calls FeedbackToConsole, and this delegate refers to null. // // if // // // Now let s invoke the head delegate, which internally invokes its previous delegate and so on. (fbChain != null) fbChain(null, 0, 10); NOTE: In the preceding line, fbChain will never be null, but checking a delegate reference against null before attempting to invoke it is a very good habit to get into.
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First occurrence of a Tuesday in the reference year:
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<siteMap> <siteMapNode title="Home url="default.aspx /> <siteMapNode title="About Us url="about.aspx /> </siteMap>
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Aug menting a language with a naming convention to make up for limitations in the language itself is an example of programming into a language instead of just programming in it. For more details on programming into a language, see Section 34.4, Program Into Your Language, Not In It.
dotnetfx.exe /C:"install /noaspupgrade
MvcHandler calls the controller s Execute Method
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