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The first two critical errors identified by basis path testing also occur as a result of faulty input validation. If the input parameter is an empty string or the string 0, the return Boolean value in these cases is true instead of false. The third critical error found by basis path testing is test 4 using the
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Managing Network Security
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About Enterprise Library Configuration
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When the sort column is not unique, you can make it unique by introducing a tiebreaker, to allow a solution that keeps a reasonable level of simplicity. Let sortcol be the sort column, and let tiebreaker be the tiebreaker column. To count rows with the same or smaller values of the sort list (sortcol+tiebreaker), use the following expression in the subquery: inner_sortcol < outer_sortcol OR inner_sortcol = outer_sortcol AND inner_tiebreaker <= outer_tiebreaker
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Good variable names are a key element of program readability. Specific kinds of variables such as loop indexes and status variables require specific considerations. Names should be as specific as possible. Names that are vague enough or general enough to be used for more than one purpose are usually bad names. Naming conventions distinguish among local, class, and global data. They distinguish among type names, named constants, enumerated types, and variables. Regardless of the kind of project you re working on, you should adopt a variable naming convention. The kind of convention you adopt depends on the size of your program and the number of people working on it. Abbreviations are rarely needed with modern programming languages. If you do use abbreviations, keep track of abbreviations in a project dictionary or use the Standardized Prefixes approach.
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In this chapter we ve covered the basic management tasks available for individual computers on the network. Windows Small Business Server 2008 simpli es many of them by automating tasks and ensuring that computers meet the necessary requirements before they join the SBS network. In addition, by making both Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop directly available from the Windows SBS Console, the Network Administrator has direct access to computers for management and assistance. In the next chapter we ll cover the details of setting up and managing software updates to your Windows computers on your SBS network.
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9. Click Next, type a name for your shortcut, and then click Finish .
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The reason for the .to_f s is so that the lengths are treated as floating decimal point numbers, and the percentage is worked out more accurately. When you work it up to the real percentage (out of 100), you can convert back to an integer once again. You ll see how this all comes together in the final version at the end of this chapter.
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tables, keep in mind that with all lookups going through the clustered index, the nonleaf levels of the clustered index will typically reside in cache. Typically, most of the physical reads in the clustered index will be against the leaf level. Therefore, the additional cost of lookups against a clustered table compared to a heap is usually a small portion of the total query cost. Now that the background information about table and index structures has been covered, the next section will describe index access methods.
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Can I Really Change the World with a PowerPoint Presentation
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Only one of each System-Defined View can exist for an entity. You cannot delete any of the System-Defined Views.
Interpreted languages Interpreted languages tend to exact significant performance penalties because they must process each programming-language instruction before creating and executing machine code. In the performance benchmarking I performed for this chapter and 26, I observed the following approximate relationships in performance among different languages:
Attributes applied to Main: System.CLSCompliantAttribute Constructor called=Void .ctor(Boolean) Positional arguments passed to constructor: Type=System.Boolean, Value=True Named arguments set after construction: None System.STAThreadAttribute Constructor called=Void .ctor() Positional arguments passed to constructor: None Named arguments set after construction: None
Exercise 1: Configure Service Dependency
ASP .NET .Server-Side .Support .for .AJAX
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public Rectangle() { // In C#, new on a value type just lets the constructor // initialize the already allocated value type s memory. topLeft = new Point(1, 2); bottomRight = new Point(100, 200); } }
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