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public unsafe char* CharCopy (char* chars, int size) { char* r = stackalloc char[size]; for (int x = 0 ; x < size ; x++ ) { r[x] = chars[x]; } return r; }
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Interface Name: VPN_Chicago Connection Type: Connect Using Virtual Private Networking (VPN) VPN Type: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Destination Address: Protocols And Security: The Route IP Packets On This Interface check box is selected.
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5. Click OK. 6. The next page in the Import Chart dialog appears, allowing you to change the name and description of the chart. Leave the default values and click Import.
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You should expect users to modify data in your query strings. For that reason, you must always validate data retrieved from a query string.
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Implementing Physical Security Measures
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The result in Listing 8-11 shows no rows for department 40, for an obvious reason: that department does exist in the DEPARTMENTS table, but it has no corresponding employees. In other words, if tuple variable d refers to department 40, there is not a single row e in the EMPLOYEES table to make the WHERE clause evaluate to TRUE. If you want the fact that department 40 exists to be reflected in your join results, you can make that happen with an outer join. For outer joins in Oracle, you can choose between two syntax options: The old outer join syntax, supported by Oracle since many releases, and implemented many years before the ANSI/ISO standard defined a more elegant outer join syntax The ANSI/ISO standard outer join syntax
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In the Microsoft .NET Framework, enumerated types are more than just symbols that the compiler cares about . Enumerated types are treated as first-class citizens in the type system, which allows for very powerful operations that simply can t be done with enumerated types in other environments (such as in unmanaged C++, for example) . Every enumerated type is derived directly from System.Enum, which is derived from System.ValueType, which in turn is derived from System.Object . So enumerated types are value types (described in 5, Primitive, Reference, and Value Types ) and can be represented in unboxed and boxed forms . However, unlike other value types, an enumerated type can t define any methods, properties, or events . However, you can use C# s extension methods feature to simulate adding methods to an enumerated type . See the Adding Methods to Enumerated Types section at the end of this chapter for an example of this . When an enumerated type is compiled, the C# compiler turns each symbol into a constant field of the type . For example, the compiler treats the Color enumeration shown earlier as if you had written code similar to the following:
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Managing Network Security
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Blocking Potentially Unsafe Downloads
Using the SBS Answer File Generator
You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 1, Creating HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules. The questions are also available on the companion CD in a practice test, if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
Global Check-In
Index Management
problems. When I asked what was going to happen if we didn't get it fixed before I had to leave Seattle, his response was, "We'll be following you to New Hampshire." This bug had already moved into the super-serious category. The next evening I showed up at the apartment the engineers had rented and was confronted with two people who were so tired they were wobbling on their feet. They'd been working on this bug for nearly three weeks straight without much of a break. After showing me their application, I immediately broke out in a complete and utter flop sweat! They were working on a custom GINA (Graphical Identification and Authentication), the logon screen that used a custom smart card reader to log all across a custom terminal server session! Talk about a nasty application to debug! Since much of the application ran inside LSASS.EXE, you could get debugging started, but if you clicked anywhere outside the debugger, you locked the machine. To make my life even more interesting, the engineers used the Standard Template Library (STL) all over the place, so in addition to a very tough debugging problem, they had unreadable code. As we all should know, STL's main claim to fame isn't reusable data structures but rather job security. Since STL code is unreadable and unmaintainable, your company will be forced to keep paying you because only you can understand the code. I asked them whether they could show me anything resembling duplicable crashes or data corruption. They had a document listing the 10 or 12 places they had seen crashes. My initial hypothesis was that they had a wild write to uninitialized memory. After spending a few hours figuring out how the system fit together and getting used to debugging their application, I started trying to determine whether we could find those uninitialized pointers. Grinding through the source code, I noticed they had lots of catch (...) statements all over the place. At the end of the first evening, I told them they needed to remove all the catch (...) statements so that we could see the corruption immediately and try to start narrowing down the problem. The Outcome When I went back to the apartment the second day, these engineers were pushed right to the edge of their physical limits. They told me that once they'd commented out the catch (...) statements, the application didn't initialize. While the developers took a nap, I started looking through the startup code and quickly found the following: //catch ( ... ) //{ return ( FALSE ) ; //} In their sleep-addled state, they'd forgotten to comment out the return statement. I commented it out, recompiled, and ran the program. It crashed almost immediately. On the second run, it crashed in the same place, which was the first time they'd seen a consistent crash. The third crash was a charm, and I started inspecting every single thing happening up the stack. After carefully reading the code, we found the error in only a couple of hours. The documentation called for a buffer that was passed to another function to be 250 characters in size. A developer was passing a local variable as the buffer and had typed 25 instead of 250. Once we fixed the typo, we were able to run the application to completion! The Lesson
Part II Solutions
// Box v and leave the pointer on the stack for Concat. IL_000c: ldloc.0 IL_000d: box [mscorlib]System.Int32 // Load the string on the stack for Concat. IL_0012: ldstr ", " // Unbox o: Get the pointer to the In32 s field on the stack. IL_0017: ldloc.1 IL_0018: unbox.any [mscorlib]System.Int32 // Box the Int32 and leave the pointer on the stack for Concat. IL_001d: box [mscorlib]System.Int32 // Call Concat. IL_0022: call
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