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The comment tells you nothing more than the code itself does. What about this comment
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5. Data Types
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Two Kinds of Assemblies, Two Kinds of Deployment
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Obviously, the function arguments come with some constraints. For example, the datatype of the function arguments must make some logical sense. The Oracle DBMS always tries to perform implicit datatype conversion, and it will generate an error message only if such an attempt fails. In other words, if you specify a number as an argument for a function that expects a string instead, the number will be interpreted alphanumerically. However, if you ask for the square root of an employee name, you will get the error message ORA-01722: invalid number.
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5 Primitive, Reference, and Value Types
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The configuration API is described in detail in the MSDN documentation. I've noticed only a few omissions and a few points about which that text is unclear, and I've tried to include that information in this chapter. The final example presented in this chapter represents a hot topic for many developers: building desktop applications that can be extended with external plug-in modules. I discussed this topic at length and with extensive code examples in an article that appeared in the "Cutting Edge" column of the July 2002 issue of MSDN Magazine.
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Emulation versus Hypervisor Requirements Installing On Windows Server Core Installing on Full Windows Server 2008 Con guring Networks Server Settings Creating a Basic VM Machine Settings Starting, Stopping, Saving, Snapshotting Clipboard Licensing Con guration
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The Need for Forward Thinking
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CTEs are extremely useful in other scenarios where you need to modify data in one table based on data that you inspect in another. It allows you to simplify your code and, in many cases, avoid relying on modification statements that use joins.
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Given the declaration of SomeClass, the following statements are valid:
Implementing the Business Tier
12: Working with Text 13: Enumerated Types and Bit Flags 14: Arrays 15: Interfaces 16: Custom Attributes 17: Delegates
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Network Access Quarantine Control
Figure 9-15. Adding a nested grid 4. 5. With this new grid selected, edit its properties. In the Properties panel, set the properties as shown in Figure 9-16. The nested grid should now take up the entire right-center cell. In the Objects and Timeline panel, double-click the innerGrid object you just added. The top and left grid rulers will now appear for the inner grid, as shown in Figure 9-17. At this point, you could easily add rows and columns using the rulers, as you did with the LayoutRoot, but let s try a different method.
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