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Unfortunately, the GROUPING function can return only two results: 0 or 1. That s why the last two lines both show '**total**'.
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// compute the square root of Num using the Newton-Raphson approximation
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The two overridable methods are defined in the base class. GetRawXml returns an XMLDOM representing the contents of the section. UpdateRawXml takes a modified XMLDOM and serializes it to disk in the associated configuration file.
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Preenting Unsafe Actions with User Account Control
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Equivalence Class Partitioning in Action
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Categorizing Dependencies
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Right-click the object and select Properties. Click the Security tab. Click Advanced and then click the Owner tab. Click Edit. If the proposed new owner is in the Change Owner To list, select the name as shown in Figure 10-8 and click OK.
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The ListBox Control
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Here is a blow-by-blow description of how Windows Error Reporting responds to a hang, crash, or stop error: 1. Windows Error Reporting gathers the basic information (program name and version, module name and version, and so on) and either transmits this to Microsoft or requests your permission to do so, depending on how you have configured the system. 2. The Microsoft server checks to see if the error has resulted from a known problem. You might see something like this:
Your dungeon now has the basic classes in place, but there s still no way to create rooms, so let s add a method to the Dungeon class: class Dungeon def add_room(reference, name, description, connections) @rooms <<, name, description, connections) end end You want to add rooms to the dungeon, so adding a method to dungeon objects makes the most sense. Now you can create rooms like so (if my_dungeon is still defined, of course): my_dungeon.add_room(:largecave, "Large Cave", "a large cavernous cave", { :west => :smallcave }) my_dungeon.add_room(:smallcave, "Small Cave", "a small, claustrophobic cave", { :east => :largecave }) add_room accepts the reference, name, description, and connections arguments and creates a new Room object with them before pushing that object onto the end of the @rooms array. The reference, name, and descriptions arguments should seem obvious, but the connections argument is designed to accept a hash that represents the connections that a particular room has with other rooms. For example, { :west => :smallcave } ties two symbols (:west and :smallcave) together. Your dungeon logic uses this link to connect the rooms. A connections hash of { :west => :smallcave, :south => :another_room } would create two connections (one to the west heading to small cave , and one to the south heading to another room ).
C h a P t e r 6 C La S S e S , O B Je C t S , a N D M O D U Le S
Included with the .NET Framework is a set of .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) assemblies that contains several thousand type definitions, where each type exposes some functionality. All in all, the CLR and the FCL allow developers to build the following kinds of applications: XML Web services Methods that can be accessed over the Internet very easily. XML Web services are, of course, the main thrust of Microsoft s .NET initiative. Web Forms HTML based applications (Web sites). Typically, Web Forms applications will make database queries and Web service calls, combine and filter the returned information, and then present that information in a browser using a rich HTML based user interface. Web Forms provides a Visual Basic 6 and Visual InterDev style development environment for Web applications written in any CLR language. Windows Forms Rich Windows GUI applications. Instead of using a Web Forms page to create your application s UI, you can use the more powerful, higher performance functionality offered by the Windows desktop. Windows Forms applications can take advantage of controls, menus, and mouse and keyboard events, and they can talk directly to the underlying operating system. Like Web Forms applications, Windows Forms applications also make database queries and call XML Web services. Windows Forms provides a Visual Basic 6 like development environment for GUI applications written in any CLR language. Windows console applications For applications with very simple UI demands, a console application provides a quick and easy way to build an application. Compilers, utilities, and tools are typically implemented as console applications. Windows services Yes, it is possible to build service applications controllable via the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) using the .NET Framework. Component library The .NET Framework allows you to build stand alone components (types) that can be easily incorporated into any of the previously mentioned application types. Because the FCL contains literally thousands of types, a set of related types is presented to the developer within a single namespace. For example, the System namespace (which you should 29
["i", "i", "a", "e"] As a local library within the scope of a larger application, it could be loaded with require: require 'string_extend' However, you want to turn it into a gem that you can use anywhere. Building a gem involves three steps. The first is to organize your code and other files into a structure that can be turned into a gem. The second is to create a specification file that lists information about the gem. The third is to use the gem program to build the gem from the source files and the specification.
You can color a line, and you ve already learned how to do this in the previous section . The instructions below explain how to define the line style . The settings for shadows are then discussed in the next section .
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