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VERIFY ( HeapFree ( GetProcessHeap ( ) , 0 , g_ahMod ) ) ; g_ahMod = phTemp ; g_ahMod[ g_uiModCount ] = hMod ; g_uiModCount++ ; } return ( TRUE ) ; } UINT __stdcall GetLimitModuleCount ( void ) { return ( g_uiModCount ) ; } int __stdcall GetLimitModulesArray ( HMODULE * pahMod , UINT uiSize ) { int iRet ; __try { ASSERT ( FALSE == IsBadWritePtr ( pahMod , uiSize * sizeof ( HMODULE ) ) ) ; if ( TRUE == IsBadWritePtr ( pahMod , uiSize * sizeof ( HMODULE ) ) ) { iRet = GLMA_BADPARAM ; __leave ; } if ( uiSize < g_uiModCount ) { iRet = GLMA_BUFFTOOSMALL ; __leave ; } CopyMemory ( pahMod g_ahMod , ,
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In Silverlight, animations are based on keyframes within a storyboard. These keyframes are set on a timeline, and they define the start and end points of a smooth visual transition. Figure 9-2 shows the Expression Blend timeline, which is located in the Objects and Timeline panel.
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To return two levels of managers of employee 8 with a CTE, simply add a filter on the child's level in the join condition of the recursive member as shown in Listing 9-13.
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internal sealed class UniversalToLocalTimeSerializationSurrogate : ISerializationSurrogate { public void GetObjectData(Object obj, SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { // Convert the DateTime from local to UTC info.AddValue("Date", ((DateTime)obj).ToUniversalTime().ToString("u")); } public Object SetObjectData(Object obj, SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context, ISurrogateSelector selector) { // Convert the DateTime from UTC to local return DateTime.ParseExact(info.GetString("Date"), "u", null).ToLocalTime(); } }
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Removing a Feature from Windows Server 2008 usually doesn t affect other Features or Roles, though there are exceptions, including the .NET Framework 3.0 Feature, which has several subsidiary Features. To remove a Feature, follow these steps:
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applying exception shielding
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Equijoins on Columns with the Same Name
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Proxy classes are generated using the wsdl.exe tool, included with the .NET Framework and located in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\FrameworkSDK\Bin folder. The wsdl tool provides the command-line options described in Table 19-6.
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Each task maintains its own running total (in the taskLocalTotal variable) for the files that it is given . As each task completes its work, the master total is updated in a thread-safe way by calling the Interlocked.Add method (discussed in 28, Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs ) . Since each task has its own running total, no thread synchronization is required during the processing of the item . Since thread synchronization would hurt performance, not requiring thread synchronization is good . It s only after each task returns that masterTotal has to be updated in a thread-safe way, so the performance hit of calling Interlocked.Add occurs only once per task instead of once per work item . You ll notice that the body delegate is passed a ParallelLoopState object, which looks like this:
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Managing Network Security
(Smarty Componentized Template) (Smarty Design Template)
The research principles described in 2 have been around as long as 50 years, and the idea of a story structure has been around even longer for thousands of years. These are proven ideas and techniques that work the real challenge is how to make the concepts practical as you work on your next PowerPoint presentation. To help get your job done quickly and ef ciently, the fundamentals of classical story structure and the screenwriting process have already been adapted to your PowerPoint needs and incorporated into the story template. In addition to a classical story structure, your story template also incorporates persuasive techniques that are useful for many types of presentations in different contexts. These techniques include using Aristotle s classical concept that to persuade, you must appeal to emotion, reason, and personal credibility. Even if your intent is to simply inform an audience about something, you still have to persuade them to pay attention. Why should they listen What s in it for them Act I of your story template will make sure that you persuade your audience to focus on your message, and Act II will make sure that you provide the logical reasoning they need to make a decision. You will infuse the entire presentation with personal credibility in terms of verbal clarity and conciseness and add visual credibility by matching your graphics and aesthetics with your audience.
Managing DHCP in Windows Networks
FIGURE 14-22 The Remote Assistance toolbar is displayed on both screens on top of the user s
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The informal solution to this problem is to write down all ideas and suggestions, no matter how easy they would be to implement, and save them until you have time to work on them. Then, viewing them as a group, choose the ones that will be the most beneficial.
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