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A. Incorrect: The frame size needs to be decreased, not increased. B. Correct: The buffer size needs to be increased from its default of 1 MB. If this is
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Introducing Windows Security
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Before leaving this project, run the page by pressing F5 from within Visual Studio . Take a look at the page with tracing turned on . Here, you can see how the page/control hierarchy is laid out in memory:
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Creating the Data Retrieval Service Connections File
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Table 9-19. Subtree, Sorted by Path and Indented by Level
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Listens for PPTP connection attempts and IPSec SA negotiations for L2TP
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Another is to simply use a DISTINCT clause in the SELECT list:
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Part V
Table 8-1. Investment and Return for Joomla Community Features Extension
he biggest difference between Windows and web applications is not the user interface; it s the life cycle. Users open a Windows application and work with it for hours at a time, and when they close it, the application has the opportunity to save their data. Web requests are much more short term. A user might request one page from your website and never return. Even if a user spends hours on your site, each individual request requires controls and objects to be created and finally destroyed. Because pages and controls must be created for every user request, you must understand the Microsoft ASP.NET page life cycle in order to build pages efficiently and respond to user input reliably. ASP.NET provides different events for each major stage in the life cycle, and you can respond to any of them. Add controls too late in the page life cycle, and you will lose your themes, skins, and stored data. Handle the wrong control event, and your user interface won t behave correctly. Because ASP.NET destroys any objects you ve created within a page after the page is rendered, objects you create won t be available during the user s next request. ASP.NET provides several ways to persist data between requests:
29. Integration
tools for administrators to set up and manage the deployment. We cover some of the tools, such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Migration Manager and the E-mail Router, in 2, Setup and Common Tasks.
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