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Figure 20-1 Focusing on one external characteristic of software quality can affect other characteristics positively, adversely, or not at all.
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FIGURE 17-16 The Removal Results page of the Remove Role Services Wizard
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Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library
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Command Prompt recognizes wildcards in file and path specifications . Typing cd pro*, pro*, for example, might take you to your Program Files folder (depending, of course, on where you are when you type it .) Because you can include multiple wildcards in a string, you can even create formulations such as cd pro*\com*\mic* to get to Program Files\ Common Files\Microsoft Shared .
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System.Net The System.net assembly contains the .NET libraries for network communications. System.Xml libraries. The System.Xml assembly contains the Silverlight XML processing
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In addition to the modes just described, the garbage collector supports synchronization-free allocations . On a multiprocessor system, generation 0 of the managed heap is partitioned into multiple memory arenas, one arena per thread . This allows multiple threads to make allocations simultaneously so that exclusive access to the heap isn t required . While the GC mode is configured for the process and it cannot change while the process runs, your application can have some control over the garbage collection by using the GCSettings class s GCLatencyMode property . This read/write property can be set to any of the values in the GCLatencyMode enumerated type, as shown in Table 21-2 .
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10 Media in Silverlight: Video
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StringPtr = "Some Text String";
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Temporal Support in the Relational Model
Once items are in the cache and their lifetimes are established through expirations and cached item dependencies, one other cache administrative task remains reacting when items are removed .
Data Access
1. Within your only subnet, you want 10 specific DHCP clients (out of 150 total on the network) to use a test DNS server that is not assigned to any other computers through DHCP. How can you best achieve this objective
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