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Figure 5-3. Execution plan for a multi-join query
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Setting Up Connection Manager in a Test Lab
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le tends to become somewhat fragmented over time, also impacting performance. Nonetheless, we almost always use this type of disk for our VMs except where absolute performance is an issue. A xed-size disk is also a .vhd le, but instead of growing only as big as it needs to, when it needs to, it is created at the full size on disk that it needs to be. It takes a signi cant time to create the .vhd le, but it will be created as a contiguous le (or as contiguous as the underlying fragmentation of your physical disk or array allows). A differencing disk is an interesting disk type. It is like a dynamic disk in that it gets only as large as it needs to. But a differencing disk is a great way to combine the disk space requirements of multiple VMs. You create the original base VM and then mark the disks as read-only. You can actually delete the VM that created the base disks. Now you create one or more VMs that have the same operating system and you create them with differencing disk(s). The differencing disk points to the original base .vhd le, and the only thing that gets saved to the differencing disk is any change from the base VM. This allows multiple VMs to share the same base, simplifying deployment of different versions of the same base system very useful for quickly building test networks. The biggest disadvantage of differencing disks is speed. As more VMs point back to the original VHD les, the access to that VHD can be slowed. And if anything causes a change to the original VHD, all the VMs that point to it can be lost. Over time, the size advantage of differencing disks is also reduced as updates and service packs are applied to the differenced VMs. But for a test environment Differencing disks can be a great speed and resource saver. The nal option is to point directly to the physical partition. This is the fastest option but provides the least exibility. You might choose this option if you are running Microsoft SQL Server on a VM and you have a performance-sensitive application. But even there, we tend to avoid it if at all possible, choosing a xed-size disk instead. The difference in speed is negligible, but the exibility difference is signi cant.
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Properties When Using the rS1 .Method
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In the section relating to strings, you used scan to iterate through the contents of the string looking for characters that matched patterns you expressed as regular expressions. With scan, you used a block of code that accepted each set of characters and displayed them on the screen. However, if you use scan without a block of code, it returns an array of all the matching parts of the string, like so: puts "This is a test".scan(/\w/).join(',')
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The Perfect PowerPoint Storm
Creating an ASP.NET 2.0 Application
When the Web was being built, it seemed natural to emulate some of the protocols around at the time: FTP, Gopher, and so on. In clients for these protocols, if you were not looking at a file, you were looking at a directory listing. As a result, the Web servers of old would generate a page that listed the contents of a directory. In general, it is more advisable these days to reduce the temptation for browsers to go outside of the URLs displayed on hosted pages, and as a result, the directory browsing feature is disabled. When a client visits a URL that represents a directory, the Web server returns a page with a fixed name that exists in that directory. IIS 7 is no different in this respect. Visiting a directory with directory browsing disabled (the default) results in the display of whichever of the following files it finds in the target directory first:
This generates the following output:
14. Organizing Straight-Line Code
Symbols Defined by the GCLatencyMode Enumerated Type
public IntervalCID Union(IntervalCID target) { if (this.Merges(target)) return new IntervalCID(System.Math.Min(this.BeginInt, target.BeginInt), System.Math.Max(this.EndInt, target.EndInt)); else return new IntervalCID(true); } public IntervalCID Intersect(IntervalCID target) { if (this.Overlaps(target)) return new IntervalCID(System.Math.Max(this.BeginInt, target.BeginInt), System.Math.Min(this.EndInt, target.EndInt)); else return new IntervalCID(true); } public IntervalCID Minus(IntervalCID target) { if ((this.BeginInt < target.BeginInt) & (this.EndInt <= target.EndInt)) return new IntervalCID(this.BeginInt, System.Math.Min(target.BeginInt - 1, this.EndInt)); else if ((this.BeginInt >= target.BeginInt) & (this.EndInt > target.EndInt)) return new IntervalCID(System.Math.Max(target.EndInt + 1, this.BeginInt), this.EndInt); else return new IntervalCID(true); } }
bindUI is where listeners would be bound. In this case, bindUI does nothing but log that the view was clicked. syncUI causes the text in this view to be colored red. show does a lot of activity when the view is actually shown. The items in the menu (selected by the menu icon in the title bar) are set to the appropriate values. The title bar is updated with the appropriate view name and other elements in the title bar are also updated. And finally, this.getContainer.show is called to show the entire view.
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