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Part II Designing Types
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Due to ERB allowing Ruby code to be executed among other content, it s not wise to allow users you cannot trust to be able to create or edit ERB templates on systems under your control. That s because they could execute arbitrary code that could access the file system, delete data, or otherwise damage your system (remember that Ruby can use backticks to run any program on the system accessible to the current user). In 11, you looked at the concept of safe levels provided by Ruby, which allow you to restrain the capabilities of code, particularly in relation to running arbitrary programs or using tainted data with dangerous commands such as eval. accepts a safe level as an optional second parameter, which goes a long way toward making your template rendering a safer process: require 'erb' template = <<EOF Let's try to do something crazy like access the filesystem.. <%= `ls` %> EOF puts, 4).result # Using safe level 4!
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10 Properties
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Table 14-7. The ServicePointManager Class
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The first time you invoke the code in Listing 6-2, it should cause no error and produce the following output, which indicates that the CATCH block was not reached at all:
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Lesson Review
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Advanced DNS server properties refer to the nine settings that can be configured on the Advanced tab of the DNS server properties dialog box. These properties relate to server-specific features such recursion, round robin, and netmask ordering.
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TABLE 10-9
C# public void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationContext navigationContext) { string id = navigationContext.Parameters["ID"]; }
Table 12-11. The ParameterInfo Members
calls Parse frequently, and Parse throws exceptions repeatedly (due to invalid user input), performance of the application suffers . For these performance-sensitive uses of Parse, Microsoft added TryParse methods to all of the numeric data types, DateTime, DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan, and even IPAddress . This is what one of the two Int32 s two TryParse method overloads looks like:
Theft of service An intruder might be able to access the internet using your connection, which could degrade the quality of your internet service. Denial of service An intruder who is unable to connect to your network can still cause some degree of havoc by flooding the network with connection requests. With enough persistence, an attacker could completely deny legitimate users access to the network. Privacy violations An intruder with the right tools can monitor all data sent over the network, and can therefore see which websites you visit (along with your passwords for those sites), documents you download from a shared network folder, and so on. Theft or destruction of data Outsiders who successfully connect to your network can browse shared folders and printers. Depending on the permissions assigned to these resources, they can change, rename, or delete existing files, or add new ones. Network takeover An intruder who manages to log on to the network and exploit an unpatched vulnerability can install a Trojan horse program or tamper with permissions, potentially exposing computers on the LAN to attacks from over the internet.
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