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$WINDOWS.~LS This folder contains the large image file (in Windows Image format) and temporary files used during the upgrade. $INPLACE.~TR User- and machine-specific settings are temporarily stored here after being gathered during the first stage of the upgrade. $WINDOWS.~Q This folder contains the original Windows installation.
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Now you can satisfy any page request with a query like the following:
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orderid 218994 219346 219698 ... 436992 437274 437626 page# 1:42638 1:42639 1:42640 1:43257 1:43258 1:43259
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After completing this chapter, you will be able to
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When an application needs to bind to an assembly, the CLR uses the referenced assembly s properties (name, version, culture, and public key) to locate the assembly in the GAC . If the referenced assembly can be found, its containing subdirectory is returned, and the file holding the manifest is loaded . Finding the assembly this way assures the caller that the assembly loaded at runtime came from the same publisher that built the assembly the code was compiled against . This assurance is possible because the public key token in the referencing assembly s AssemblyRef table corresponds to the public key in the referenced assembly s AssemblyDef table . If the referenced assembly isn t in the GAC, the CLR looks in the application s base directory and then in any of the private paths identified in the application s configuration file; then, if the application was installed using MSI, the CLR asks MSI to locate the assembly . If the assembly can t be found in any of these locations, the bind fails, and a System.IO.FileNotFoundException is thrown . When strongly named assembly files are loaded from a location other than the GAC (via the application s base directory or via a codeBase element in a configuration file), the CLR compares hash values when the assembly is loaded . In other words, a hash of the file is performed every time an application executes and loads the assembly . This performance hit is a tradeoff for being certain that the assembly file s content hasn t been tampered with . When the CLR detects mismatched hash values at runtime, it throws a System.IO.FileLoadException . Note When a strongly named assembly is installed in the GAC, the system ensures that the file
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D. Make sure that your webpage and service are in the same domain.
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To complete the lessons in this chapter, you should be familiar with developing applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 by using Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C#. In addition, you should be comfortable with all of the following:
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Both calls return the same type. The method to set the variable data is the same for both types of slot:
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IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.GetOrders', 'P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.GetOrders; GO CREATE PROC dbo.GetOrders @d AS INT = 0 AS DECLARE @odate AS DATETIME; SET @odate = DATEADD(day, -@d, CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 112)); SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate FROM Sales.Orders WHERE orderdate >= @odate; GO
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Filter 2: Source Network IP Address of and Subnet Mask of
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The ROW_NUMBER function assigns sequential integers to rows of a query s result set based on a speci ed order, optionally within partitions. For example, the following query returns employee sales rows and assigns row numbers in order of qty:
Configuring NAT
The parameters for the mod_mainmenu type include the following: Menu Class Suffix: Sets the suffix used for custom menu style sheets. Module Class Suffix: Sets the suffix used for custom module style sheets. Menu Name: Specifies the menu record handled by the Menu Manager that is connected to this module. Menu Style: Sets the style of presentation of the menu to one of four formats: list, vertical, horizontal, or flat list. The list and flat list selections use HTML <ul> and <li> tags to define the list. The vertical list and horizontal list selections use an HTML table for formatting instead. Start Level: Specifies the first level of the hierarchy to be displayed. End Level: Specifies the last level of the hierarchy to be displayed. Always show submenu items: Sets the presentation to display the submenu items regardless of whether the visitor is in a location that would normally display them. Full Active highlighting: Supports active highlighting of the links. Selecting this option may render the menu code not entirely complaint with the strict XHTML guidelines. Show Menu Icons: Displays the icons for the menu if any are specified. Menu Icon Alignment: If a menu icon is set for display, this parameter specifies whether right or left justification is used for the associated icon. Expand Menu: With this parameter set to Yes, all of the submenus will always be visible regardless of whether the user expands it. Activate parent: When set to Yes, activation IDs will be set for all parent menus in the hierarchy. Indent Image: Provides a drop-down list of choices to determine the indent images. The default selection uses images specified in the template. Other settings include using default images installed with the system, images specified in the parameters section, and no indent images. Indent Image 1 through Indent Image 6: If the Use params below selection is made in the Indent Image parameter, then these six list boxes are used to specify the images to use for the various levels of indentation. All images contained in the /images folder will appear in these six lists for selection.
Table 9-4 contrasts the principal methods of the System.Collections.Hashtable and java.lang.HashMap classes.
Directed Acyclic Graph
Figure 3 2. Installing TRK on Symbian
I entered an image description, which is very important for search engines and accessibility. Search engines can t see the content of a graphic, but they can read the HTML alt attribute for a text description of the item. The image description sets the alt attribute. Additionally, accessibility software (such as screen readers for the visually impaired) needs a text description to communicate to the user what is displayed on the screen. For the title of the image, I simply duplicate the description field. I also want it captioned on the page, so I check the Caption box. Finally, I click the Insert button at the top-right corner of the screen to insert the image at my cursor position. Now the diagram is inserted directly into my article (see Figure 4-20).
Subnet B: 50 computers Subnet ID: 10
Figure 4-11 Windows Remote Assistance: Allow Helpdesk To Respond To User Account Control Prompts.
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