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using System.Reflection; // FileDescription version information: [assembly: AssemblyTitle("JeffTypes.dll")] // Comments version information: [assembly: AssemblyDescription("This assembly contains Jeff's types")] // CompanyName version information: [assembly: AssemblyCompany("Wintellect")] // ProductName version information: [assembly: AssemblyProduct("Wintellect (R) Jeff's Type Library")] // LegalCopyright version information: [assembly: AssemblyCopyright("Copyright (c) Wintellect 2010")] // LegalTrademarks version information: [assembly:AssemblyTrademark("JeffTypes is a registered trademark of Wintellect")] // AssemblyVersion version information: [assembly: AssemblyVersion("")]
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An image generator object can receive input in two ways through the URL query string and using the DynamicImage s Parameters collection. In the former case, the browser ends up referencing the image as follows:
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4 . . You can edit the nodes by right-clicking the TreeView control and clicking the Edit Nodes link . In the TreeView Node Editor, you can edit each of the nodes . The leftmost button adds new root nodes . In this example, the bands are represented as root nodes . The next button to the right is for adding child nodes . You can nest nodes as deeply as necessary . In this example, the second layer of nodes represents the members of
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FIGURE 10-2 MERGE processed with inner join
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Site-to-Site VPN Components and Design Points
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In addition, each AppDomain has some assemblies loaded into it . AppDomain #1 (the default AppDomain) has three assemblies: MyApp .exe, TypeLib .dll, and System .dll . AppDomain #2 has two assemblies loaded into it: Wintellect .dll and System .dll . You ll notice that the System .dll assembly has been loaded into both AppDomains . If both AppDomains are using a single type from System .dll, both AppDomains will have a type object for the same type allocated in each loader heap; the memory for the type object is not shared by all of the AppDomains . Furthermore, as code in an AppDomain calls methods defined by a type, the method s Intermediate Language (IL) code is JIT-compiled, and the resulting native code is associated with each AppDomain; the code for the method is not shared by all AppDomains that call it . Not sharing the memory for the type objects or native code is wasteful . However, the whole purpose of AppDomains is to provide isolation; the CLR needs to be able to unload an AppDomain and free up all of its resources without adversely affecting any other AppDomain . Replicating the CLR data structures ensures that this is possible . It also ensures that a type used by multiple AppDomains has a set of static fields for each AppDomain .
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<Canvas xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/client/2007" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml"> <TextBlock>Hello, World!</TextBlok> </Canvas>
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