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Installing the Second Server
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Globalization and Accessibility
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GetGlobalResourceObject method to load these.
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The data validation framework provides a set of validation controls that bind to one or more web controls to perform validation of the data that is typed into those web controls. The ASP.NET validation controls provide both client-side and server-side validation. You can disable client-side validation by setting the EnableClientScript property to false. The validation controls available in ASP.NET include CustomValidator, CompareValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, and RequiredFieldValidator. The ValidationSummary control can be added to a webpage to provide a summary of the validation errors on the webpage and as a pop-up message. The RegularExpressionValidator control is used to specify validation patterns. The CustomValidator control allows you to provide your custom client-side and serverside code to perform input validation. The Page.Validate method can be explicitly called to force validation. You can query a webpage s IsValid property to verify that the page is valid before running code. In fact, if you depend on validated inputs from the user, you must check this yourself in your code. ASP.NET won t invalidate the page for you if there is invalid input. (That is, ASP.NET won t throw an exception or notify you in any other way than the IsValid property.)
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Lesson 1
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3. How do you indicate that a control outside an UpdatePanel should trigger a
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This layout of the routine is a strong positive on the number line of bad-to-good layout. The routine is now laid out according to principles that are explained throughout this chapter. The routine has become much more readable, and the effort that has been put into documentation and good variable names is now evident. The variable names were just as good in the earlier examples, but the layout was so poor that they weren t helpful. The only difference between this example and the first two is the use of white space the code and comments are exactly the same. White space is of use only to human readers your computer could interpret any of the three fragments with equal ease. Don t feel bad if you can t do as well as your computer! Still another formatting example is shown in Figure 31-1. It s based on a sourcecode format developed by Ronald M. Baecker and Aaron Marcus (1990). In addition to using white space as the previous example did, it uses shading, different typefaces, and other typographic techniques. Baecker and Marcus have developed a tool that automatically prints normal source code in a way similar to that shown in Figure 31-1. Although the tool isn t commercially available, this sample is a glimpse of the source-code layout support that tools will offer within the next few years.
7 The Silverlight Browser Bridge
Custom aggregations are aggregations that are not provided as built-in aggregate functionsfor example, concatenating strings, calculating products, performing bitwise manipulations, calculating medians, and many others. In this section, I'll provide solutions to several custom aggregate requests. Some techniques that I'll cover are genericin the sense that you can use similar logic for other aggregate requestswhile others are specific to one kind of aggregate request.
26 Editing the Registry
Questions and Answers
Essential Types, Their Symbolism and Applications
constructor injection
From the developer s perspective, a Web Part component is a sort of smart Panel control. Like a panel, a Web part can contain any valid ASP.NET content. The WebPart class is actually derived from the Panel class. What makes the Web part more powerful than a simple panel is the support it gets from the Web Part manager (represented by the aptly named WebPartManager control) and the extra visual elements it renders. The layout of a Web part mimics that of a desktop window. It has a caption bar with a title, as well as links to common verbs such as minimize, close, and restore. Although the Web part can act as a container for information from external sites and pages, it is quite different from a frame. A frame points to a URL, and the browser is responsible for filling the area with the content downloaded from the URL. A Web part, on the other hand, is a server-side control that is served to the browser as plain HTML. You can still populate a Web part with the content grabbed from external sites, but you are responsible for retrieving that content, either using HTML scraping or, better yet (when available), Web services.
Waiting for an Event
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