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Figure 2-3 In this simple scenario, with a single physical disk that does not contain any partitions, you can click Next to create a partition and install Windows using the entire physical drie.
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Collection Datatypes............................................................................................................................. 330 Methods................................................................................................................................................ 330
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Local Service Local System Local System Local System Local Service
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FIGURE 2-19 A BBP slide, shown here in Normal view, guides the attention of working memory from the
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However, the exposure of Ruby to the larger audience of software developers continued to be low. IBM published an article with a brief overview of Ruby and an interview with Matz in 2000, and the much-revered Dr. Dobb s Journal published an article by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt with a similar introduction in January 2001. Despite Ruby s obvious power, it appeared as if Python and PHP were going to win the race to become the next Perl as general scripting and web languages, respectively, up until 2004. But then everything changed when a young Dane released Ruby on Rails, a Rubypowered web application framework that quickly changed the perception of Ruby in the worldwide development community. Before we look at Rails, however, we need to see how else Ruby has flourished in the last few years.
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Figure 6-3
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With grouping, you can expand and collapse data within specified categories. Figure 4-9 shows data grouped by origination point (From); all the groups are collapsed except for Flint (FNT), so you can focus on just those trips. To set grouping, select the first column you want to group by. Grouping automatically sorts by that column, so select whether you want the groups to appear in Ascending or Descending order. Set a second grouping level if you want to create a subgroup. Figure 4-10 shows flights grouped by origination (From) and then by Fare Class.
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2. In the Windows Remote Assistance window, click Invite Someone You Trust To Help You. 3. If you have an e-mail program set up on your computer, click Use E-mail To Send An Invitation. If you use a web-based e-mail program, or if you want to transfer the invitation file to a shared location on your network, click Save This Invitation As A File.
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After computers are set up, however, you can easily change this list. We tend to think from a user perspective, rather than a computer perspective, so we change it by con guring the computers that a user account is assigned to. To change the list of computers that a user can connect to from RWW, use the following steps:
XML Showplans
<%@ Page Language="C# MasterPageFile="main.master %> <asp:Content runat="server contentplaceholderID="TopMenu"> <a href="http://www.foo.com class="topMenuItem">www.Foo.com</a>    |    <a href="http://www.acme.com class="topMenuItem">ACME Corp</a>    |    <a href="http://www.mycompany.com class="topMenuItem">My Company</a>     </asp:Content> <asp:Content runat="server contentplaceholderID="TopBox"> <img src="images/dinologo.gif /> </asp:Content>
Let's start with handling inserts. The logic of the insert procedure is simple. If the new employee is a root employee (that is, the manager ID is null), its level is 0 and its path is '.' + employee id + '.'. Otherwise, its level is the parent's level plus 1, and its path is: parent path + 'employee id + '.'. As you can figure out, the shake effect here is minor. There's no need to make any changes to other employees, and to calculate the new employee's lvl and path values, you only need to query the employee's parent. Run the code in Listing 9-25 to create the usp_insertemp stored procedure, and run the code in Listing 9-26 to populate the Employees table with sample data.
Listing 8-21. DbUnit XML Data Set for Table ADDRESS < xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' > <dataset> <table name="address"> <column>PK_ID</column> <column>STREETADDRESS</column> <column>APTNUMBER</column> <column>CITY</column> <column>STATE</column> <column>ZIPCODE</column> <row> <value>2</value> <value><![CDATA[204 Bluestone Court]]></value> <value>N/A</value> <value>Westerville</value> <value>OH</value> <value>43081</value> </row> </table> </dataset> Since DbUnit is a JUnit extension, most examples show how to use DbUnit in the context of a JUnit test. The DbUnitUtils class provides static methods to use DbUnit functionality from any POJO as shown in Listing 8-22. Listing 8-22. DbUnitUtils package com.integrallis.techconf.test.util; import import import import import import import import java.io.FileInputStream; java.sql.Connection; java.sql.DriverManager; java.util.Properties; org.dbunit.database.DatabaseConnection; org.dbunit.database.IDatabaseConnection; org.dbunit.dataset.IDataSet; org.dbunit.dataset.xml.XmlDataSet;
Compute-Bound Asynchronous Operations
10. Streams, Files, and I/O
XStandard Lite
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