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essentially the same thing as my EventSet class . The System.Windows.Forms.Control and System.Web.UI.Control types use the EventHandlerList type internally to maintain their sparse set of events . You re certainly welcome to use the FCL s EventHandlerList type if you d like . The difference between the EventHandlerList type and my EventSet type is that EventHandlerList uses a linked list instead of a hash table . This means that accessing elements managed by the EventHandlerList is slower than using my EventSet . In addition, the EventHandlerList doesn t offer any thread-safe way to access the events; you would have to implement your own thread-safe wrapper around the EventHandlerList collection if you need to do this .
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Setting Up Your Storyboard and Narration
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12 discusses the different properties that can be set to modify the default build process provided by Team Build.
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public class PalindromeCheckerRenderedControl : WebControl { public event EventHandler PalindromeFound; // Other palindrome control code goes here }
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This chapter focused on XML serialization. For a more thorough coverage of object serialization in general, look at Programming Visual Basic .NET by Francesco Balena (Microsoft Press, 2002). 11 of that book provides a comprehensive explanation of run-time object serialization in the .NET Framework, including XML serialization. SOAP was also repeatedly mentioned in this chapter. A good introduction to SOAP that successfully weds philosophy and technology can be found in Don Box's article "Young Person's Guide to the Simple Object Access Protocol: SOAP Increases Interoperability Across Platforms and Languages," in MSDN Magazine, March 2000. 421
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Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery
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\\zeno\WebSymbols\rpcrt4.pdb\3D6DE2F92\rpcrt4.pdb Those module names followed by a "C" indicate symbols that don't have the checksums set in the module or in the symbol file. An octothorpe "#" following a module indicates symbols that don't match between the symbol file and the executable. (Yes, WinDBG will load the closest symbols, even if they're not correct.) In the preceding example, life is good and all the symbols match. However, you'll normally see the octothorpe next to COMCTL32.DLL. Because it seemingly changes with every single Microsoft Internet Explorer security patch, the odds of getting correct symbols with COMCTL32.DLL are almost nonexistent. To get more detailed information about which modules and corresponding symbol files are loaded, pass the v option to LM. To show a single module in the next example, I used the m option to match a specific module. 0:000> lm v m gdi32 start end module name GDI32 (pdb symbols) \\zeno\WebSymbols\ gdi32.pdb\3D6DE59F2\gdi32.pdb Loaded symbol image file: E:\WINNT\system32\GDI32.dll Image path: E:\WINNT\system32\GDI32.dll Timestamp: 0004285C Thu Aug 29 06:40:39 2002 (3D6DFA27) Checksum: 77c70000 77cb0000
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Figure A-3 : The Properties dialog box in Internet Information Services for the AppendixA folder after it has been made a virtual directory Several of these settings can be configured to customize the behavior of your Web application. You might want to clear the Read check box because in general, users shouldn t have to actually read files in the folder in the traditional sense. The exception, when Read must be set, is when you re allowing a default document that is, a document that will be called if only the virtual folder is specified. (More on default documents later in this appendix.) The Execute Permissions drop-down list enables you to specify the type of operations that can occur. You d set Execute Permissions to None only when you re running applications that have just HTML content, without any ASP.NET pages. Setting Execute Permissions to Scripts Only allows the application to execute scripts files with extensions such as .asp and .aspx. This is commonly the setting for your ASP.NET application directories. The last setting in the Execute Permissions drop-down list is Scripts And Executables, which allows the application to execute scripts and executable files. Note Visual Studio stores executable files in a subfolder named bin. You might think that the bin folder should have Execute Permissions set to Scripts And Executables because the DLLs used by ASP.NET pages are located there, but that s not the correct setting. In practice, when you call an .aspx page, you re not really directly calling any of the DLLs, so it makes sense, from the standpoint of IIS, that you don t need to have Execute permission in the bin folder. The Documents tab of the Properties dialog box is shown in Figure A-4.
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1 END) AS [2002], 1 END) AS [2003], 1 END) AS [2004] orderyear
rD1.ToSel+1-rD1.FromSel, therefore 10+1-3 . Therefore, the array range is eight rows
Description Called by the default session state module when it begins to handle the AcquireRequestState event. Creates a new object to contain all the state information specific to a session. Returns an object of type SessionStateStoreData. Releases all resources (other than memory) used by the session data store object. Called by the default session state module when it begins to handle the EndRequest event. Gets the session data from the data store. The method serves requests from applications that use the read-only session state. (The EnableSessionState attribute is set to ReadOnly.) Gets the session data from the data store and locks it. Used for requests originated by applications in which the EnableSessionState attribute is set to ReadWrite. Receives an object packed with configuration settings for a custom session state and initializes the provider class. Unlocks a session state item that was previously locked by a call to the GetExclusive method. Removes a session data store item from the session data store. Called when a session ends or is abandoned. Resets the expiration time of a session state item based on the session s Timeout value. Invoked when the application has session support disabled. Writes a session data item to the data store. The module calls this method to notify the data store class that the caller has registered a Session_OnEnd handler.
<Name> ::= Alan | Allan | Allen
Specifies the way that the ends of dashed lines will be drawn using the DashCap enumeration. Defaults to DashCap.Flat. Specifies the distance from the start of a line to begin dashing. Specifies the dashing style for a line using the DashStyle enumeration. Defaults to DashStyle.Solid but also supports dots and dashes. Specifies the cap that will be drawn at the start or end of a line. Defaults to LineCap.Flat but can also be rounded, triangular, and square. Specifies the way two lines are joined together when drawn as part of a shape. Defaults to LineJoin.Miter but can also be beveled or rounded. Specifies the width of the line in pixels. and
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