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FIGURE 9-4 Using a data template to define how the data is rendered.
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Case Scenario 2: Improving the Performance of a Public Website
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FIGURE 6-6 Execution plan for query calculating row numbers using a subquery
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Part II Designing Types
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In this exercise, you create a dial-up connection to the Internet. If Computer1 already has an Internet connection available through a dedicated line, you can skip this exer cise, but be sure to rename the Internet connection MyISP. 1. While you are logged on to Computer1 as Administrator, open the Network Con nections window. 2. From the File menu, select New Connection. The New Connection Wizard opens. 3. Click Next. 4. Click Next on the Network Connection Type page to accept the default selection, Connect To The Internet. 5. Click Next on the Internet Connection page to accept the default selection, Con nect Using A Dial-Up Modem. 6. On the Connection Name page, type MyISP in the ISP Name text box, and then click Next. 7. On the Phone Number To Dial page, type the telephone number of your ISP in the Phone Number text box, and then click Next. 8. Click Next on the Connection Availability page to accept the default selection, Anyone s Use. 9. On the Internet Account Information page, type your ISP account information in the User Name, Password, and Confirm Password text boxes. 10. Click Next. The Completing The New Connection Wizard page appears. 11. Click Finish. The Connect MyISP page appears.
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Merge Components Result
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Disk Management
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In this sample, the portions in bold are the regions that have been added. This MSBuild le declares the SrcFiles item to include all the les in the src\ folder as well as all folders underneath it. In the CopyFiles target the DestinationFiles parameter is used to specify the location where the les are to be copied to. The value for the DestinationFiles is called an item transformation on the SrcFiles item. We ll take a closer look at these later in this chapter. Item transformations also depend on item metadata, which we will discuss in the next section. Until we cover those it is impossible to properly examine this example, so we will revisit this example later in this chapter. With that being said, we can at least execute the CopyFiles target to see if it does work as expected. The result of this invocation is captured in Figure 2-11.
To properly support change notification requests, the view model or model class, if it represents a collection, should implement the INotifyCollectionChanged interface (in addition to the INotifyPropertyChanged interface). If the view model or model class defines a property that returns a reference to a collection, the collection class returned should implement the INotifyCollectionChanged interface. However, implementing the INotifyCollectionChanged interface can be challenging because it must provide notifications when items are added, removed, or changed within the collection. Instead of directly implementing the interface, it is often easier to use or derive from a collection class that already implements it. The ObservableCollection<T> class provides an implementation of this interface and is commonly used as either a base class or to implement properties that represent a collection of items. If you need to provide a collection to the view for data binding, and you do not need to track the user s selection or support filtering, sorting, or grouping of the items in the collection, you can simply define a property in your view model that returns a reference to the ObservableCollection<T> instance. The following example illustrates this approach.
Turning Off Blocking
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