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Part II Solutions
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Creating a Logon Page
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This extender searches items in a designated ListBox or DropDownList based on keystrokes as they re typed by the user . This extender is targeted toward TextBox controls to constrain the kind of text that the TextBox will accept by applying a mask . This extender mimics the standard Windows modal dialog box behavior . With the ModalPopup, a page can display content of a pop-up window that focuses attention on itself until it is dismissed explicitly by the end user . This extender is targeted toward the CheckBox control . The extender groups CheckBox controls using a key . When a number of CheckBox controls all share the same key, the extender ensures that only a single check box will appear selected at a time . This control attempts to provide CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)-like bot/ spam detection and prevention without requiring any user interaction . Although a noninteractive approach might be bypassed more easily than one requiring actual human interaction can be, this implementation is invisible . This extender is targeted toward the TextBox control to create a control very similar to the standard Windows Edit control with the Spin button . The extender adds up and down buttons for incrementing and decrementing the value in the TextBox . This extender is targeted toward the BulletedList control . The extender enables sorted paging on the client side . This extender is targeted toward the TextBox control to help when end users type passwords . Whereas the typical TextBox hides only the actual text, the PasswordStrength extender also displays the strength of the password using visual cues . This extender is targeted toward all controls . Its purpose is to open a pop-up window for displaying additional relevant content . This control renders a rating system from which end users rate something using images to represent their choice (stars are common) . This ASP .NET AJAX control implements a bulleted, data-bound list with items that can be reordered interactively . This extender works with any element on a Web page . Once the ResizableControl is associated with an element, the user can resize that control . The ResizableControl puts a handle on the lower right corner of the control . The RoundedCorners extender can be applied to any Web page element to turn square corners into rounded corners .
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coding effort and also implies a learning curve. However, you should try it anyway because the advantages of using such a modern development technique will prove to be significant later in the process.
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Note If you haven t configured your SMTP server correctly, you ll get an error when the code tries to send
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3 . . Increase the time that the content will be cached (this example uses 1 minute) so that you have time to change the contents of the TextBox to view the effects of caching . Also, include TextBoxName as the parameter by which to vary the content in the OutputCache directive .
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evaluation of several of these strategies. MAC Address Filtering This strategy allows only a statically managed list of MAC addresses to access the wireless network. It s a nice idea, but this strategy is easy to defeat with a sniffer, because MAC addresses can be easily spoofed. Plus, a static list of allowed MAC addresses is a hopeless mess to manually maintain. All in all, it s a complete waste of time. SSID Hiding This strategy requires that the client know the name of the wireless network to be able to connect to it. And even if the network is known and con gured into the Windows client, that client must continually probe to make sure that the network is present. This requirement causes all sorts of problems and limits the ability of Windows to manage connections. The strategy is totally useless because anyone with access to the packets in the air can read the SSID from the commonly sent 802.11 management frames in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, broadcasting the SSID, when combined with appropriate security, makes the network easier to manage and easier for users as well. Hiding the SSID is another complete waste of time.
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Java Example of Using a Section Heading Comment
Using SomeValueType, I can now write the following code:
Notice that the entire control tree was rendered . Press the refresh key (F5 in Internet Explorer) while looking at UseSiteMenuControl .aspx . Examine the control tree portion of the Trace output again . Notice that ASP .NET uses the cached control instead of rerendering the entire SiteMenu control .
Performance is not what makes a real difference . Using SQL types in .NET code for CLR objects inside a database is highly recommended because native .NET types do not support NULL values . With SQL types you can use the IsNull method to check whether the input is NULL and react appropriately, but .NET native types do not support this method . If you try to invoke a CLR routine from T-SQL and pass a NULL to an argument of a .NET native type, you will get an exception (unless you registered the function with the RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT option) . If you need additional functionality provided by .NET native types, you have to do some explicit casting . Alternatively, you can get the value in .NET native type using the Value property of a SQL type variable, store this value in another variable of the native .NET type, and then use any properties or methods of the native type . In the RegexIsMatch function, the Regex.IsMatch method expects native .NET string types as input; therefore, the Value property of the .NET SQL types is used . The return type of the method is a .NET native Boolean value, so the code casts it explicitly to SqlBoolean . This section will show you that the performance difference between implicit and explicit casting is not significant . The following C# code defines the functions ImpCast, which uses .NET native types and implicit conversion, and ExpCast, which uses .NET SQL types and explicit conversion:
30. Programming Tools
Connecting to and Querying Data with LINQ
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