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salesData.ComputeQuarterly(); marketingData.ComputeQuarterly(); salesData.ComputeAnnual(); marketingData.ComputeAnnual(); travelData.ComputeAnnual(); salesData.Print(); delete salesData; travelData.Print(); delete travelData; marketingData.Print(); delete marketingData;
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Setting metadata for a single-file assembly
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Custom Activities
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The System.Windows.Forms.Control type defines about 70 events . If the Control type implemented the events by allowing the compiler to implicitly generate the add and remove accessor methods and delegate fields, every Control object would have 70 delegate fields in it just for the events! Since most programmers care about just a few events, an enormous amount of memory would be wasted for each object created from a Control-derived type . By the way, the ASP .NET System.Web.UI.Control and the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) System.Windows.UIElement type also offer many events that most programmers do not use . In this section, I discuss how the C# compiler allows a class developer to explicitly implement an event, allowing the developer to control how the add and remove methods manipulate the callback delegates . I m going to demonstrate how explicitly implementing an event can be used to efficiently implement a class that offers many events . However, there are certainly other scenarios where you might want to explicitly implement a type s event . To efficiently store event delegates, each object that exposes events will maintain a collection (usually a dictionary) with some sort of event identifier as the key and a delegate list as the value . When a new object is constructed, this collection is empty . When interest in an event is registered, the event s identifier is looked up in the collection . If the event identifier is there, the new delegate is combined with the list of delegates for this event . If the event identifier isn t in the collection, the event identifier is added with the delegate . When the object needs to raise an event, the event identifier is looked up in the collection . If the collection doesn t have an entry for the event identifier, nothing has registered interest in the event and no delegates need to be called back . If the event identifier is in the collection, the delegate list associated with the event identifier is invoked . Implementing this design pattern is the responsibility of the developer who is designing the type that defines the events; the developer using the type has no idea how the events are implemented internally .
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As with the INSERT and DELETE statements, UPDATE statements also support an OUTPUT clause, allowing you to return output when you update data. Remember that with an UPDATE statement there are both new and old versions of rows, so you can refer to both the deleted and the inserted tables. UPDATEs with the OUTPUT clause have many interesting applications. I will give an example of managing a simple message or event queue without using Service Broker. To demonstrate managing a queue, run the following code, which creates the Messages table:
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Part II Designing Types
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A skin file is a text file that contains a series of markup declarations, much like the layout part of an .aspx page. The built-in SmokeAndGlass theme contains the following definitions for Textbox and Button controls:
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To configure the test lab for dial-up access, configure IAS1 with an appropriate remote access policy for dial-up access.
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// Pass the value at this address to Console.WriteLine. IL_0028: ldind.i4 IL_0029: call void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(int32) // Add 1 to x. IL_002e: ldloc.2 IL_002f: ldc.i4.1 IL_0030: add IL_0031: stloc.2 // for loop test: loop again if x <= n. IL_0032: ldloc.2 IL_0033: ldloc.3 IL_0034: ble.s IL_0022 // End of IL_0036: IL_0037: IL_0038: loop: Put null in element (for safety). ldc.i4.0 conv.u stloc.1
Veterans of Windows XP might be familiar with System Configuration Utility (Msconfig.exe), a tool that allows you to see most of the programs that run at startup and disable particular ones if you choose to do so. Windows Vista retains System Configuration Utility but also offers a startup program listing in Windows Defender, the anti-spyware utility included with the operating system. Neither list includes startup programs established by policy or scheduled tasks. But the Windows Defender list is a bit easier to read and offers more details about each startup program.
The following code adds a DEFAULT constraint to keycol, which invokes the T1_getkey function:
Performing the HTTP request, done in the fetch method with the URL you pass it, is very easy. Listing 4 9 shows how it s done.
Shared Assemblies and Strongly Named Assemblies
Making an application that benefits from caching
internal static class FileAttributesExtensionMethods { public static Boolean IsSet(this FileAttributes flags, FileAttributes flagToTest) { if (flagToTest == 0) throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("flagToTest", "Value must not be 0"); return (flags & flagToTest) == flagToTest; } public static Boolean IsClear(this FileAttributes flags, FileAttributes flagToTest) { if (flagToTest == 0) throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("flagToTest", "Value must not be 0"); return !IsSet(flags, flagToTest); } public static Boolean AnyFlagsSet(this FileAttributes flags, FileAttributes testFlags) { return ((flags & testFlags) != 0); }
This query generates the following output:
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