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protected override object SaveControlState() protected override void LoadControlState(object state)
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A test generator could use the model along with a database containing valid and invalid e-mail addresses, random subject lines, and message bodies to generate 10,000 unique e-mail messages. Note that yet another tester could easily create another grammar model to create random strings for the subject and message body. A Modeling Success Our test team used model-based testing on several new features from the Windows Vista operating system time frame and found that very extensive coverage could be achieved with a small amount of work. One of the hardest problems was creating a model that accurately depicts the system in question.
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Property AnonymousTemplate Controls LoggedInTemplate RoleGroups RoleProvider
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In the first three examples, the point is that an abstract access routine tells you a lot more than a generic structure. If you use the structure directly, you do too much at once: You show both what the structure itself is doing (moving to the next link in a linked list) and what s being done with respect to the entity it represents (getting an account, next employee, or rate level). This is a big burden to put on a simple data-structure assignment. Hiding the information behind abstract access routines lets the code speak for itself and makes the code read at the level of the problem domain, rather than at the level of implementation details.
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SELECT pos, empid FROM dbo.SplitPath(14);
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If these lines are missing after you install PHP, you will likely have to add them to guide Apache to the PHP execution engine.
Note The <SideBarTemplate> tag should contain a DataList with a well-known ID and internal structure. The DataList must be named SideBarList, and its ItemTemplate block must contain a button object named SideBarButton. Any other template set on the DataList might cause runtime errors.
Table 25-3 . Net Commands for Managing Services
value="MyFirstValue"/> value="MySecondValue"/> value="MyThirdValue"/>
Part I:
using System.Drawing; using System.Windows.Forms; public class EventDemo : Form { Button o_button; public EventDemo() { o_button = new Button(); o_button.Text = "Press Me"; o_button.Click += new System.EventHandler(processButtonEvent); Controls.Add(o_button); } private void processButtonEvent(object p_source, System.EventArgs p_event) { o_button.Text = "Press Again"; } // Other methods, such as Dispose, would go here. static void Main() { Application.Run(new EventDemo()); } }
Then use the following code to build an application assembly:
<PropertyGroup> <RunTest>true</RunTest> </PropertyGroup>
Figure 7-3: Complexity metrics in Visual Studio 2008.
However, with variable-length subnet masks (VLSMs), routers within an organization can handle different subnet masks. Most commonly, VLSMs are used to allow subnets themselves to be subnetted. For example, a large organization may own the address space /16; in this scenario, routers external to the organization use the first 16 bits of the address to determine the network ID and route traffic appropriately. Once data is received from the Internet, the organization s front routers may use a /22 subnet mask to route traffic to any of the internal organization s 64 regional offices. Next, once data is received from the front routers, the field routers at regional offices may use a /25 subnet mask to route traffic to any of 8 office departments.
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