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Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: Users could access the intranet before you enabled Callback. You have done nothing that would affect this access. B. Incorrect: RAS users have no need to log on locally to the RAS server. C. Incorrect: If DHCP provides IP address leases to the RAS clients, DHCP Relay Agent will already be installed and configured on the RAS server. If not, there is no need to install it.
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node readers are discussed in 5. By the end of this chapter, you'll also have had in-depth exposure to the intricacies (and the flexibility) connected with the development of a custom reader class.
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SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT * * * * FROM FROM FROM FROM dbo.fn_GetOrders(10248, dbo.fn_GetOrders(NULL , dbo.fn_GetOrders(NULL , dbo.fn_GetOrders(NULL , NULL , NULL, NULL); NULL, NULL, '20070101'); 3 , NULL, NULL); NULL , 5, NULL);
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Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
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The Advanced Search form defaults to searching Indexed Locations (all of them). You can search elsewhere by opening the Location list. The list (see Figure 7-24) will include local and mapped hard drives and optical drives.
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13 XML and XQuery
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Sharing Secured Fields
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Activity Reminders
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Overview You might have guessed by now that Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development involves a lot more exceptions than traditional Microsoft Win32 development. The beauty of .NET is that exception handling was built in right from the beginning. It doesn't reflect the bolted and grafted feel for exceptions we've been wrestling with for the last umpteen years when working with Microsoft Windows applications and C++. Now exceptions are natural and fully supported. As always, however, exceptions are for exceptional conditions. You don't want to use exceptions in place of constructs, such as switch and case statements, unless you're really into slow-moving code. In this chapter, I'll present a utility, ExceptionMon, that allows you to easily monitor the exceptions that occur in your application. Although you could always set all common language runtime (CLR) exceptions to stop when thrown in the debugger's exception dialog box, doing so would take forever because you'd have to do a ton of Continue-button pressing. With ExceptionMon, you can monitor the exceptions with almost no hassle. ExceptionMon uses one of the coolest features of .NET, the Profiling API. I've written profilers and error detection tools without operating system support, and when I saw the .NET Profiling API, I immediately praised the development gods. The Profiling API is incredibly well thought out and works exactly as advertised. Its power allows you to see things that would essentially be impossible to view any other way. Interestingly, the name Profiling API is a little misleading because the Profiling API does so much more than allow you to time operations. By the end of the chapter, your head will be spinning with ideas for other advanced tools you can write with the Profiling API. In fact, I'll use the Profiling API in subsequent chapters as the basis for other cool tools. Our journey to ExceptionMon will start with a discussion of the hows and whys of the Profiling API. After getting that out of the way, I'll explain how to use ExceptionMon and how it's implemented. Finally, I'll discuss exception usage as I see it in the .NET world.
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from_city to_city distance path LAX JFK 2945 .LAX.DEN.MCI.ORD.JFK.
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24. Refactoring
For more information about account types, see User Accounts and Security Groups. Table 31-2. Default User Rights of Built-In User Groups in Windows Vista
Numerous studies have demonstrated the validity of these assumptions for a very large set of existing applications, and these assumptions have influenced how the garbage collector is implemented . In this section, I ll describe how generations work . When initialized, the managed heap contains no objects . Objects added to the heap are said to be in generation 0 . Stated simply, objects in generation 0 are newly constructed objects that the garbage collector has never examined . Figure 21-8 shows a newly started application with five objects allocated (A through E) . After a while, objects C and E become unreachable .
When you find yourself figuring out a section of code, consider renaming the variables. It s OK to figure out murder mysteries, but you shouldn t need to figure out code. You should be able to read it.
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