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14 Spatial Data
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age output caching is the most effective way to reduce ASP.NET rendering time. After all, if the page output is cached, ASP.NET skips the rendering process
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FIGURE 19-39 A typical Potential Network Issues page of the Fix My Network Wizard
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In 3, "Engineering Life Cycles," we discussed the concept of Milestone Q (a.k.a. MQ or M0). For larger projects, this milestone is typically about clearing the decks and getting ready for the next major release. Teams invest in infrastructure improvements to help the process of developing and shipping to be smoother and faster. Developers often investigate new technologies and develop new prototypes. In the services world, where teams might go years shipping monthly or quarterly, we don't often take time for an MQ. In the services world, we focus on continuous improvement. All of our production services are very data driven and most use a very Six Sigma-like process we call quality of service (QoS) to drive continuous improvement. This QoS should not be confused with the computer networking concept that gives certain applications priority network access over others. Our version of QoS is about finding the unique insights that will help us to improve customer satisfaction. A successful QoS program must have data from three major categories. It can include other data, but in many cases that can distract from the very clear goal of improving customer satisfaction. The three major categories of data are voice of the customer, product quality, and operational quality, as shown in Figure 14-11.
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Presenting in Multiple Views
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7.13 Exercises
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Enumerated Types and Bit Flags
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The add-in developers will, of course, define their own types in their own Add-In assembly . Their Add-In assembly will reference the types in your Host SDK assembly . The add-in developers are able to put out a new version of their assembly as often as they d like, and the host application will be able to consume the add-in types without any problem whatsoever . Create a separate Host Application assembly containing your application s types . This assembly will obviously reference the Host SDK assembly and use the types defined in it . Feel free to modify the code in the Host Application assembly to your heart s desire . Because the add-in developers don t reference the Host Application assembly, you can put out a new version of it every hour if you want to and not affect any of the add-in developers .
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Figure 6-22. A color-picker interface allows the user to click the color and select an RGB value. Choosing Your Primary Site Colors If you pay close attention to most attractive web sites, you ll notice that the color scheme is generally very simple. In fact, selecting two colors that work together and then using different hues of these colors can make a quick by-the-numbers color scheme. What colors work together Typically, you want to select a dark color and a light color to provide good contrast. The following are some typical color pairs: Black and white Black and yellow Blue and yellow Red and green Red and blue Purple and yellow Red and white Although you can choose a color pair and use the colors directly on your site, a site rendered in these colors will look very simplistic and unprofessional. You need to use various shades of your color pair to create an integrated color scheme. Selecting
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Part I Fundamentals
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To add a key, select the new key s parent in the left pane, open the Edit menu, point to New, and click Key. The new key arrives as a generically named outline entry, exactly the way a new folder does in Windows Explorer. Type a new name. To delete a key, select it and then press Delete.
POP3 E-Mail
To change any one of the field properties, simply follow these steps.
Creating and editing dialog processes Running dialog processes
It may be fixed by the time you read this, but if not, it is very easy to patch version 0.5. Change builder to @builder on lines 121 and 127 of builder.rb in the library s directory, and change to_s to join on line 100. Alternatively, you can install the more up-to-date version available at http://github.com/why/ markaby/tree/master.
The solution is short and slick, doesn t use temporary tables at all, and runs for six seconds!
In this script you also see the console object used; like the JavaScript console object, you can use its log method to log strings to the console for print-style debugging.
</xsd:element> </xsd:schema> </CustomersOrders>
To update a component s managed properties, click the Managed Properties button in the solution s component view or click Managed Properties from the component s toolbar. Note Only custom unmanaged components have managed properties. If the custom
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