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Create a Dynamic Data-enabled Web site Create a Linq to SQL data model
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using System; public sealed class Point { private Int32 m_x, m_y; public Point(Int32 x, Int32 y) { m_x = x; m_y = y; }
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In some larger SBS domains, additional Windows Server 2008 computers might be in the domain. SBS 2008 includes a second server as part of the Premium edition. These computers can be used to spread some of the network s resource load around so that the domain controller doesn t carry the whole load: SBS Premium includes SQL Server 2008 Standard, which can be loaded on either the second server, or on the main SBS server. Another reason you might have an additional member server in your SBS domain is to host Windows Terminal Services. Terminal Services allows you to use inexpensive, easily managed desktop computers and terminals whose only function is to run applications directly on the Terminal Server computer. The Terminal Server provides the disk space and all the applications that the user has, while the terminal or computer of the user is merely a display and console (keyboard and mouse). Centralizing applications onto a Terminal Server can dramatically reduce costs and simplify administration in some scenarios. However, for security reasons, Terminal Services cannot be run from the main SBS server, so if you ll be using Terminal Services, you ll need at least one additional server on your network.
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Although these buttons look nice, and they are very easy to render, when you do it this way, you end up having lots of XAML, and worse, lots of repeated XAML this makes your application harder to inspect, debug, manage, and update, not to mention a lot bigger than it needs to be. Consider the TextBlock controls alone each one has FontFamily, Foreground, and FontSize properties explicitly declared, even though they are all set to the same value. Consider what happens when you want to change some of this information you have to go through each control one by one to update them all. Here is where styles come in handy. The following section discusses moving some of this information into a style.
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Two Parts: About Services and Test Techniques
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public virtual bool LoadPostData(string postDataKey, NameValueCollection values) { String presentValue = Text; String postedValue = values[postDataKey]; try { if (!presentValue.Equals(postedValue)) { Text = postedValue; return true; } } catch ( Exception e ) { Text=postedValue; }
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Caution The code doesn t work with PHP 4 or older versions!
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Figure 1-1
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Note: Although the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010 are not required, all WPF and Silverlight developers should download and use the latest version of the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010. The WPF and Silverlight Designer for Visual Studio is updated, together with the Silverlight developer runtime and software development kit (SDK), which are included in the download. These updates include new features and bug fixes.
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Manual The build was manually queued. IndividualCI The build was queued by the Build Each Check-in trigger. BatchedCI The build was queued by the Accumulate Check-ins Until The Prior Build Finishes trigger. Schedule The build was queued by the Build Every Week On The Following Days trigger. ScheduleForced The build was queued by the Build Every Week On The Following Days trigger with the Build Even If Nothing Has Changed Since The Previous Build option enabled.
Web Storage
As they appear in sequence, the Key Point slide introduces the simple visual concept of the three check boxes, the rst Explanation slide introduces the concept of analyzing from the headline, the next slide builds on the preceding one and adds the concept of meeting, and then the third slide builds on the preceding slide and adds the concept of monitoring. When each Explanation slide is dragged back to its position in the storyboard, it introduces another layer of meaning to the visual checklist story and at the same time ties together the Detail slides that follow.
Use the Create Record action to create a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record, including activities and custom entity records. After you select this action, choose the entity type of the record you want to create, and click Set Properties to open a form in which you can specify default attribute values for the newly created record. Figure 14-14 shows the empty Task form that appears when creating a Task record in a workflow process.
You can use the Oakley log to view details about the IPSec security association (SA) establishment process. The Oakley log can be enabled in the registry or by selecting the Log Additional Routing And Remote Access Information option on
6 . . Open the file MainPage .xaml .cs, add code to MainPage constructor to load the images, and mark each cell with a TextBlock naming the state . Create an instance of the States class so that you can look up the state abbreviations . Iterate through all the columns and rows within the LayoutRoot . For each cell within the grid, create a TextBlock to show the state abbreviation . Get the state abbreviation from the instance of the States class and set the Text property to the state abbreviation . You can set various properties such as the FontSize and FontFamily to dress up the TextBlock . Add the TextBlock to the children collection of LayoutRoot . Use the TextBlock.SetRow and SetColumn static methods to position the TextBlock in the grid . Next, create an instance of the Image class . Add a ScaleTransform to the Image . You animate that a bit later . Use the current state abbreviation to create a URI indicating the image containing the state flag (it is in the Images folder) . Finally, set the Opacity of the Image to a little less than half, add the Image to the LayoutRoot, and position it in the current row and column .
If you looked closely, you may have noticed something strange about receipt 13 s sale date. In the row containing 13 in the Receipt Number column, the Sale Date column contains 2/29/2007, which doesn t represent a date. The Sale Date column still contains strings, not dates. While most of the values this time do represent dates, not all of them do. Whether we use strings, numbers, or another data type, we need a column that holds faithful, unambiguous representations of dates. Note Wish as we might, someone, if not us, has to accommodate the receipt that has an
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