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SQL Server Project template: (Build | Deploy)
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For the record, there is also a security advantage to having each tab run in its own process .
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Configuring Remote Access Connections
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[MethodImplAttribute(MethodImplOptions.Synchronized)] public void add_MailMsg(MailMsgEventHandler handler) { MailMsg = (MailMsgEventHandler) Delegate.Combine(MailMsg, handler); } // 3. A PUBLIC remove_* method // Allows objects to unregister interest in the event. [MethodImplAttribute(MethodImplOptions.Synchronized)] public void remove_MailMsg(MailMsgEventHandler handler) { MailMsg = (MailMsgEventHandler) Delegate.Remove(MailMsg, handler); }
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I can think of only two good reasons to use SELECT TOP without ORDER BY, and I don't recommend it otherwise. One reason to use SELECT TOP is to serve as a quick reminder of the structure or column names of a table, or to find out if the table contains any data at all. The other reason to use SELECT TOPspecifically SELECT TOP(0)is to create an empty table with the same structure as another table or query. In this case, you can use SELECT TOP(0) <column list> INTO <table name> FROM ... . Obviously, you don't need an ORDER BY clause to indicate "which zero rows" you want to select!
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Windows Server Update Services
This feature allows you to support multiple providers and authenticate users via a specific provider. For example, you can design your application to support a legacy database of users through a custom provider while storing new users in a standard SQL Server table. In this case, you use different membership providers for different users.
FigURE 13-5 A customized version of the CreateUserWizard control.
/*///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// // The common epilog code for all DD_* functions. iNumParams is the // number of parameters to the function that is used to restore the // stack to the proper place after the hook call. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///*/ #define \ { \ SetLastError ( dwLastError ) ; */\ */\ __asm ADD ESP variables. */\ __asm MOV */\ __asm */\ MOV , __LOCAL_SIZE /* Add back the local /* Set the real function's last /* error value. HOOKFN_EPILOG(iNumParams)
Storing Shopping Cart Information
FIGURE 23-21 The Customer Experience Improvement Program Configuration dialog box
Configuring the DHCP Server
6. In the Define Report Parameters dialog box, you define the report parameters you want to use in your snapshot. This page displays the parameters specific to the report you scheduled. The step also provides an Edit Filter button. Click this button to further refine the filter used for the report snapshot. Keep the defaults, and click Next.
Graphical Objects
In C#, reference types include class, interface, array, and delegate. With the exception of delegate, Java developers will be familiar with all of these. We discuss each reference type in detail in the following sections.
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