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To remove a shadow, select Presets as before, and click the No shadow option .
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Finally, the FCL also allows you to encode 16-bit characters to an arbitrary code page . As with the ASCII encoding, encoding to a code page is dangerous because any character whose value can t be expressed in the specified code page is lost . You should always use UTF-16 or UTF-8 encoding unless you must work with some legacy files or applications that already use one of the other encodings . When you need to encode or decode a set of characters, you should obtain an instance of a class derived from System.Text.Encoding . Encoding is an abstract base class that offers several static readonly properties, each of which returns an instance of an Encoding-derived class . Here s an example that encodes and decodes characters by using UTF-8:
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Once you ve printed all of the documents, assemble them in a folder so that you have them in a single place for reference.
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doesn t treat version numbers this way . Today, the CLR treats a version number as an opaque value, and if an assembly depends on version 1 .2 .3 .4 of another assembly, the CLR tries to load version 1 .2 .3 .4 only (unless a binding redirection is in place) .
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using System; // Point is a value type. internal struct Point { private Int32 m_x, m_y; public Point(Int32 x, Int32 y) { m_x = x; m_y = y; } public void Change(Int32 x, Int32 y) { m_x = x; m_y = y; } public override String ToString() { return String.Format("({0}, {1})", m_x, m_y); } } public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { Point p = new Point(1, 1); Console.WriteLine(p); p.Change(2, 2); Console.WriteLine(p); Object o = p; Console.WriteLine(o); ((Point) o).Change(3, 3); Console.WriteLine(o); } }
[Serializable] internal sealed class Customer { /* ... */ } [Serializable] internal sealed class Order { /* ... */ }
Here s what the Projects page might look like:
. 1 . . Open the MVCORama application that you created in the preceding example . In this procedure, you use the other table from the database the DotNetLinks table . The previous example listed only the contents of the model . 2 . . Create a model for the DotNetLinks table . As in the last exercise, add a LINQ to SQL class for the DotNetLinks table . Right-click the Models folder, and click Add New Item . In the Visual Studio Add New Item dialog box, click the Data tab and select LINQ To SQL . Name the LINQ to SQL class DotNetLinks . Drag the DotNetLinks table from Server Explorer onto the design surface of the LINQ to SQL class . Visual Studio will create a wrapper class named DotNetLink . 3 . . As with the DotNetReferences, create a data manager for the DotNetLinks table . Rightclick the Models folder, and click Add New Item . Select Class from the palette and name the class DotNetLinksManager . Visual Studio will create the class for you . 4 . . Add an instance of the DotNetLinksDataContext to the DotNetLinksManager class . Add methods to get all the rows from the table, to find a DotNetLink in the DotNetLinksDataContext, to add a DotNetLink to the DotNetLinksDataContext, and to delete a DotNetLink from the DotNetLinksDataContext . Finally, add a method to commit the changes to the underlying table . You exercise these methods through the controller:
Specifying UNION without the ALL option combines the rows from both inputs and applies a DISTINCT on top (in other words, removes duplicate rows). For example, the following query returns all occurrences of country, region, city that appear in either the Employees table or the Customers table, with duplicate rows removed:
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