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Managing Serices from a Command Prompt
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method has additional overloads that allow you to pass up to three parameters to a BeginXxx method . If you need to call a BeginXxx method that takes more than three parameters, then there is a FromAsync overload that accepts an IAsyncResult parameter; you call the BeginXxx method yourself and its return value here . Avoid this overload if you can because it is less efficient than the overloads of FromAsync that do not take an IAsyncResult .
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set policy name=telnet assign=yes
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You achieve unpivoting this way, but you'll also get rows corresponding to NULL values in the source table (for example, for customer D in years 2003 and 2004). To eliminate those rows, create a derived table out of the solution query and, in the outer query, eliminate the rows with the NULL in the qty column.
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This step relies on the physical order of the rows to determine which rows are considered the "first" requested number of rows. If an ORDER BY clause with a unique ORDER BY list is specified in a query, the result is deterministic. That is, there's only one possible correct result, containing the first requested number of rows based on the specified sort. Similarly, when an ORDER BY clause is specified with a non-unique ORDER BY list but the TOP option is specified WITH TIES, the result is also deterministic. SQL Server inspects the last row that was returned physically and returns all other rows from the table that have the same sort values as the last row. However, when a non-unique ORDER BY list is specified without the WITH TIES option, or ORDER BY is not specified at all, a TOP query is nondeterministic. That is, the rows returned are the ones that SQL Server happened to physically access first, and there might be different results that are considered correct. If you want to guarantee determinism, a TOP query must have either a unique ORDER BY list or the WITH TIES option. As you can surmise, TOP queries are most commonly used with an ORDER BY clause that determines which rows to return. SQL Server allows you to specify TOP queries in table expressions. It wouldn't make much sense to allow TOP queries in table expressions without allowing you to also specify an ORDER BY clause. (See the limitation in step 10.) Thus, queries with an ORDER BY clause are in fact allowed in table expressions only if TOP is also specified. In other words, a query with both a TOP clause and an ORDER BY clause returns a relational result. The ironic thing is that by using the nonstandard, nonrelational TOP option, a query that would otherwise return a cursor returns a relational result. Support for nonstandard, nonrelational features (as practical as they might be) allows programmers to exploit them in some absurd ways that would not have been supported otherwise. Here's an example: SELECT * FROM (SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT orderid, customerid FROM dbo.Orders ORDER BY orderid) AS D;
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Objective 4.1: Configure Routing and Remote Access User Authentication
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Let s break down in parts the catalog_get_departments_list function. The first line is the one that defines the function name. Remember that you could use CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION if you have already created the function and want to change it. CREATE FUNCTION catalog_get_departments_list() The next line defines the return type and the language used in the function. The language we re using for this function, and for all the others in this book, is PL/pgSQL (LANGUAGE plpgsql). RETURNS SETOF department_list LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ The return type is SETOF department_list, which means the function is supposed to return one or more records that have the structure defined by the department_list type. The department_list type is a simple type composed of DepartmentID and Description, defined like this: CREATE TYPE department_list AS ( department_id INTEGER,
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/// <reference name="MicrosoftAjax.js"/> Type.registerNamespace("AjaxEnabled");
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using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.IO; System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary;
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Appendix B
I should also point out that the CLR allocates a type s static fields inside the type object (as discussed in 4, Type Fundamentals ) . So each closed type has its own static fields . In other words, if List<T> defined any static fields, these fields are not shared between a List<DateTime> and a List<String>; each closed type object has its own static fields . Also, if a generic type defines a static constructor (discussed in 8, Methods ), this constructor will execute once per closed type . Sometimes people define a static constructor on a generic type to ensure that the type arguments will meet certain criteria . For example, if you wanted to define a generic type that can be used only with enumerated types, you could do the following:
If using dynamic disks increases your options, isn t that a good thing Well, yes. But and it s a big but a dynamic disk complicates the disaster recovery process, and we dislike anything that creates potential issues in a disaster recovery scenario. We de nitely don t think dynamic disks are appropriate for a system disk. And we just have a hard time seeing the upside, given the functionality that a good RAID controller provides. If you do nd a need that can t be solved any other way, by all means use dynamic disks. There s no apparent performance cost, and you use the same tools to manage both dynamic disks in SBS and basic disks. But avoid converting your system disk to dynamic. And make sure your disaster recovery procedures are updated appropriately.
1: Introduction to ASP.NET Development
ftp.login ftp.chdir('/your/folder/name/here') ftp.putbinaryfile('local_file') ftp.close As with getbinaryfile and gettextfile, if you supply a code block, the uploaded chunks of the file are passed into it, allowing you to keep the user informed of the progress of the upload. require 'net/ftp' ftp = Net::FTP.new('ftp.domain.com') ftp.passive = true ftp.login ftp.chdir('/your/folder/name/here') count = 0 ftp.putbinaryfile('local_file', 'local_file', 100000) do |block| count += 100000 puts "#{count} bytes uploaded" end ftp.close If you need to upload data that s just been generated by your Ruby script and isn t within a file, you need to create a temporary file with tempfile and upload from that. For example: require 'net/ftp' require 'tempfile' tempfile = Tempfile.new('test') my_data = "This is some text data I want to upload via FTP." tempfile.puts my_data ftp = Net::FTP.new('ftp.domain.com') ftp.passive = true ftp.login ftp.chdir('/your/folder/name/here') ftp.puttextfile(tempfile.path, 'my_data') ftp.close tempfile.close
Part I Fundamentals
MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = 0 End Sub Protected Sub Button_Command(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As CommandEventArgs) Select e.CommandName Case "Step1Next" MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex Case "Step2Back" MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex Case "Step2Next" MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex Case "Step3Back" MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex Case "Finish" 'hide control from user to MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex End Select End Sub End Class Sample of C# Code public partial class ViewControl : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = 0; } protected void Button_Command(object sender, CommandEventArgs e) { switch (e.CommandName) { case "Step1Next": MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = 1; break; case "Step2Back": MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = 0; break; case "Step2Next": MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = 2; break; case "Step3Back": MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = 1; break; case "Finish": //hide control from user to simulate save MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = -1; break; } } }
can combine virtually all types with one another, even though quite a few combinations make little sense (for example, a combination of columns and bars) and could only be used as tricky, dynamic decorative elements .
Explanation 1.a
Description Configures the built-in mechanism for creating the ID assigned to the anonymous user. Lists declarative references to connection strings used by applications. Each connection string is given a unique name by which it is referenced. Configures the health monitoring API, a set of tools designed to trace the performance of running applications.
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