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Encoding QR Code in visual C# The HttpContext

Part II
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Aggregate Product Using Pivoting
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Suppose that the suspect code appears within a stored procedure and you want the caller of the procedure to deal with the error . If the error is not a batch-aborting error (and not at the very end of the procedure), you have to pass the @@ERROR and @@ROWCOUNT values through the return status/output parameters of the procedure . Otherwise, you have to capture the values of the functions immediately after the procedure call . For example, the following GetCustomerOrders procedure returns orders for a given customer ID and date range:
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Exercise 6: Use Netcap to Capture Network Security Protocol Information
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Project Management Considerations
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table. If the left table has n rows and the right table has m rows, a cross join returns a table with n m rows. Before I demonstrate practical applications of cross joins, I ll start with a very simple example a plain cross. The following query produces all possible pairs of employees from the Employees table in the InsideTSQL2008 database:
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2 Setup and Common Tasks
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Change Tracking implementation
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// get and store the user information @InjectState("logged-in-user-data") public abstract LoggedInUser getUserInformation(); public abstract void setUserInformation(LoggedInUser u); @InjectPage("Home") public abstract Home getHomePage(); // The conference service is needed across all conference pages @InjectObject("service:app.ConferenceService") public abstract ConferenceService getConferenceService(); } The Summary page is the entry point page for any given conference. Therefore we wish to be able to access the page externally using a fixed URL that a user should be able to bookmark in their browser. This can also allow for the setting of subdomains on a Web server to provide each conference with a unique, easy-to-remember URL. To create a Tapestry page that can be referenced externally, the page class must implement the IExternalPage interface. The IExternalPage interface contains only one method, activateExternalPage, which takes as parameters an Object array and the current request cycle. Listing 7-28 shows the implementation of the Summary page, which extends the ActiveConferencePage base class and implements the IExternalPage interface. In the implementation of the activeExternalPage method, we retrieve the id of the conference being requested. The id is used to invoke the retrieveConferenceSummary method, which retrieves all the values needed to populate the Summary page. Those values are contained in the ConferenceSummary DTO returned by the getConferenceSummary method of the EJB3 ConferenceService. To avoid retrieving the conference summary information for every page under a given conference, the retrieved ConferenceSummary object is also stored in the application state object LoggedInUser, which is the location where the ConferenceBorder component looks for the ConferenceSummary object. Listing 7-28. Summary Page Java Implementation package com.integrallis.techconf.web.tapestry.pages.conference; import java.util.List; import org.apache.tapestry.IExternalPage; import org.apache.tapestry.IRequestCycle;
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Silverlight also has a number of nondefault assemblies that you can add to provide plug-in functionality, some of which you ll look at through the course of this book. An example of this is the Dynamic Language Runtime functionality.
Dial-Up Remote Access Client Configuration
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