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Part IV
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Automating Tasks with Windows Script Host
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When calling base.ToString (a virtual method), the C# compiler emits a call instruction to ensure that the ToString method in the base type is called nonvirtually . This is required because if ToString were called virtually, the call would execute recursively until the thread s stack overflowed, which obviously is not desired .
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13 . . Run the program . The ListBox and the RadioButton list should show the AuthorLastName field, as shown in the following graphic . Selecting one name out of either list will cause a postback and show the title (the associated value) in the label .
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Part II Designing Types
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Reviewing the Call to Action and Key Point Slides for The Trial
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You're done. At this point, you can start using the functions like you do any other user-defined function. In case you're curious, the CLR implementation of the function runs faster than the T-SQL one by a factor of 10. To test the fn_SQLSigCLR function, invoke it against the Workload table by running the following
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Replacing the Session Data Dictionary
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internal sealed class AnotherHybridLock : IDisposable { // The Int32 is used by the primitive user-mode constructs (Interlocked methods) private Int32 m_waiters = 0; // The AutoResetEvent is the primitive kernel-mode construct private AutoResetEvent m_waiterLock = new AutoResetEvent(false); // This field controls spinning in an effort to improve performance private Int32 m_spincount = 4000; // Arbitrarily chosen count // These fields indicate which thread owns the lock and how many times it owns it private Int32 m_owningThreadId = 0, m_recursion = 0; public void Enter() { // If calling thread already owns the lock, increment recursion count and return Int32 threadId = Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId; if (threadId == m_owningThreadId) { m_recursion++; return; } // The calling thread doesn't own the lock, try to get it SpinWait spinwait = new SpinWait(); for (Int32 spinCount = 0; spinCount < m_spincount; spinCount++) { // If the lock was free, this thread got it; set some state and return if (Interlocked.CompareExchange(ref m_waiters, 1, 0) == 0) goto GotLock; // Black magic: give other threads a chance to run // in hopes that the lock will be released spinwait.SpinOnce(); } // Spinning is over and the lock was still not obtained, try one more time if (Interlocked.Increment(ref m_waiters) > 1) { // Other threads are blocked and this thread must block too m_waiterLock.WaitOne(); // Wait for the lock; performance hit // When this thread wakes, it owns the lock; set some state and return } GotLock: // When a thread gets the lock, we record its ID and // indicate that the thread owns the lock once m_owningThreadId = threadId; m_recursion = 1; } public void Leave() { // If the calling thread doesn't own the lock, there is a bug
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If this comment documents the whole block of code following the if test, then it serves as a summary-level comment, and it s appropriate to retain it as a section heading for the paragraph of code it references.
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The RadioButton Control
The a-Order application s approach to access control is considerably simpler than what you saw in aExpense. Instead of combining authentication logic and business rules, a-Order simply annotates pages with roles in the Web.con g le.
sTip If you re going to do your own individual installation, I suggest that you check the version numbers
Practice 1: Install a second DHCP server in the same subnet as the first. Define a scope so that it overlaps the scope for that subnet on the first server. Attempt to authorize the server. Delete and recreate the scope so there is no overlap. Attempt to authorize the server. Practice 2: Move the second DHCP server to the second subnet (reconfiguring it as necessary). Set up the DHCP servers so that each has a scope for both subnets and none of the scopes overlap. Configure the DHCP Relay Agent on the router so that both DHCP servers can service both networks. Stop the DHCP service on one server and examine the effect of releasing and renew ing DHCP on a client on the same subnet. Practice 3: Examine the DHCP audit log and the system Event Log for DHCP errors. You will certainly have created a few by now! Practice 4: Examine the DNS tab of the properties dialog box of one of the DHCP servers. Ensure that you understand the function of each of the check boxes and options. (Note: It is hard to perform this task by experimentation because you will have difficulty determining whether a DNS resource record was created by a client or by the DHCP server.) Practice 5: Back up and restore the DHCP database using both the DHCP console and the Netsh utility. Practice 6: Verify the integrity of the DHCP database and reconcile it if neces sary using both the DHCP console and the Netsh utility. Practice 7: Verify that reservations and reservation options have been set up correctly and that DHCP Relay Agent is working correctly. Repeat these pro cedures several times until you are fully familiar with them.
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