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Look for scaling ( zoom ) commands in the text-centered programs you use. Many programs, including most modern word processors, include these scaling features. Scaling text up to a readable size this way is a good solution for particular programs but doesn t change the size of icon text, system menus (such as the Start menu), or system dialog boxes. Use the Advanced Appearance dialog box to adjust the size of particular userinterface text elements. This method is still available but is not ideal. Use the Adjust Font Size (DPI) command the better way offered by Windows Vista. (DPI stands for dots per inch.)
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Part II
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Description Specifies a list of modules to be linked. See the "Assemblies" section for more information. Specifies a list of assemblies to be referenced. See Appendix B, "Shared Assemblies," for more information on using references. Searches the current directory and all subdirectories for files to compile that match the specified wildcard. Doesn't reference the standard library (mscorlib.dll).
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DocumentType The document type name
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Tool Assembly Linker (al.exe)
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Defragmenting Disks for Better Performance
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Log off With this option, all your programs close and dial-up connections are ended. To log off, click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Start menu and click Log Off. (See Figure 11-9.)
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</Rectangle.Stroke> </Rectangle>
C# Operator Symbol
Column Q now contains formulas that can be used to read content from Parameter 1 . Users can configure 12 different time periods in the Focus 1 worksheet . These include periods for which data is not yet available . This doesn t usually cause any problems or inconvenience, but it s worth adding a user-friendly tip all the same . You can do this in the form of an infotext . Assume, for example, that a user selects the period Jan Nov . In this case, you want the following infotext to appear: No Data for Period Nov - Dec 2008 . As you ll see later, this is easily done using the reverse list in column O, which contains the required text modules . The reverse list is spatially assigned to the definition structures of the drop-down list for selecting the period, and therefore can simply be linked with this list . If the user clicks the eleventh entry in the drop-down list (Jan Nov), the eleventh text module from the reverse list (Nov Dec) is used .
Exercise 4: Testing the DNS Server
Compile this code from the command prompt without using any special compiler switches . When you run the resulting executable file, you ll see that the TimerCallback method is called just once! From examining the code above, you d think that the TimerCallback method would get called once every 2,000 milliseconds . After all, a Timer object is created, and the variable t refers to this object . As long as the timer object exists, the timer should keep firing . But you ll notice in the TimerCallback method that I force a garbage collection to occur by calling GC.Collect() . When the collection starts, it first assumes that all objects in the heap are unreachable (garbage); this includes the Timer object . Then, the collector examines the application s roots and sees that Main doesn t use the t variable after the initial assignment to it . Therefore, the application has no variable referring to the Timer object, and the garbage collection reclaims the memory for it; this stops the timer and explains why the TimerCallback method is called just once . Let s say that you re using a debugger to step through Main, and a garbage collection just happens to occur just after t is assigned the address of the new Timer object . Then, let s say that you try to view the object that t refers to by using the debugger s Quick Watch window . What do you think will happen The debugger can t show you the object because it was just garbage collected . This behavior would be considered very unexpected and undesirable by most developers, so Microsoft has come up with a solution . When the JIT compiler compiles the IL for a method into native code, it checks to see if the assembly defining the method was compiled without optimizations and if the process is currently being executed under a debugger . If both are true, the JIT compiler generates the method s internal root table in such a way as to artificially extend the lifetime of all of the variables to the end of the method . In other words, the JIT compiler will trick itself into
Part II Solutions Unmanaged Customizations (Includes both Expense Solution and Time Solution)
Error condition
Figure 1-32 A vast number of options there s quite a lot to learn and observe there
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