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Let s start with a straightforward example of a SELECT command, shown in Listing 4-1. Listing 4-1. Issuing a Simple SELECT Command select * from departments; DEPTNO -------10 20 30 40 DNAME ---------ACCOUNTING TRAINING SALES HR LOCATION MGR -------- -------NEW YORK 7782 DALLAS 7566 CHICAGO 7698 BOSTON 7839
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Figure 10-10. Selecting multiple objects in the Objects and Timeline panel With these six controls selected, look in the Properties panel. Notice that any property that is set in the XAML has a white dot to its right. (Properties you cannot edit have a gray dot.) You can easily remove these properties from the XAML and reset the code by clicking the white dot and selecting Reset. Start out by resetting the HorizontalAlignment property located in the Layout section of the Properties panel, as shown in Figure 10-11. Then reset the VerticalAlignment property. This will remove the HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment property definitions in the XAML.
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Lesson 1
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No, we are not talking about a potentially deadly new concoction at Taco Bell. The term AJAX is today s hot buzzword and stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and was coined in early 2005 by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path, a design and user experience consulting firm in San Francisco. AJAX encompasses a set of Web development techniques for creating rich,
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In reality, most customer service representatives don t need to see all of this information on an Account record. Instead, assume that you want your customer service representatives to see only the information shown in the Details and Service groups. By modifying their security roles and setting the Read privilege to None Selected for the entities that you want to hide, the revised Account form can appear like the one shown in Figure 3-13.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Public Function GetEmployeesByDept(ByVal department As String) _ As List(Of Employee) 'query the XML list by department and return a list of ' Employee(objects) Dim empQuery As IEnumerable(Of Employee) = From emp In _empXml.Descendants("Employee") Where emp.Element("Department").Value = department Select New Employee With { .Id = emp.Element("ID").Value, .Department = emp.Element("Department").Value, .FirstName = emp.Element("FirstName").Value, .LastName = emp.Element("LastName").Value, .Location = emp.Element("Location").Value } Return empQuery.ToList() End Function Sample of C# Code public List<Employee> GetEmployeesByDept(string department) { //query the XML list by department and return a list of Employee objects IEnumerable<Employee> empQuery = from emp in _empXml.Descendants("Employee") where emp.Element("Department").Value == department select new Employee
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To properly back out of the partially completed operation, write code that catches all exceptions. Yes, catch all exceptions here because you don t care what kind of error occurred; you need to put your data structures back into a consistent state. After you ve caught and handled the exception, don t swallow it let the caller know that the exception occurred. You do this by rethrowing the same exception. In fact, C# and many other languages make this easy. Just use C# s throw keyword without specifying anything after throw, as shown in the previous code.
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25 Thread Basics
same type. The result of the relational Minus operator is a relation that includes only tuples from the left operand that do not appear in the right operand. Figure 3-3 shows the Intersect and the Minus operators.
Based on absolute position of controls.
Implementing Secure Network Administration Procedures 11-21
Table 5-4 shows the most important regular expression metasymbols and their meanings. The Type column in Table 5-4 may contain the following: Postfix, which means that the operator follows its operand Prefix, which means that the operator precedes its operand Infix, which means that the operator separates its operands Nothing (empty), which means that the operator has no operands
FIGURE 12-3 Adding a folder to the namespace
The optimizer creates and maintains distribution statistics (column value histograms) for temporary tables and keeps track of their cardinality, much as it does for permanent ones . This capability is especially important when you index the temporary table . Distribution information is available to the optimizer when it needs to estimate selectivity, and you will get optimized plans that were generated based on this information . This is one of the main areas in which temporary tables differ from table variables in terms of performance .
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
The base form of the threepart number formats used in the example has already been presented in the last main section of 6 . The modification s applicable here:
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