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This example uses the GetFrameworkPath task to determine where .NET 2.0 is installed because the aspnet_regiss.exe is located in that directory. After that the following command is executed.
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FIGURE 11-21 The Add Drive Letter Or Path dialog box used to mount a volume
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The media elements you import are called clips. You can organize clips in folders and subfolders called collections in the Imported Media folder. To create a movie, you drag clips (or collections) onto the storyboard, where you can rearrange them as needed.
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Variables are parameters that are stored and passed within a dialog process. Unlike responses, which can also be used throughout a dialog process, variables can be manipulated during the dialog process. For example, you could use variables to score a lead as responses are collected during a dialog process. Using the Assign Value step, you can perform calculations after each response to determine the final score for the lead. For each variable, you must enter a name, data type, and default value. Variables have the same available data types as input arguments:
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The most common use of a grid control is to display the results of a database query in a read-only grid for reporting purposes. The GridView control makes this easier than ever. You set up a data source object, providing the connection string and the query, and assign the DataSourceID property of the GridView to the ID of the data source control. At run time, the GridView binds to the source and generates appropriate columns of data. By default, however, all the columns in the query are displayed in the grid. Like the DataGrid control, the GridView supports custom column fields through the Columns collection. If you want to display only a subset of the retrieved data fields or if you simply want to customize their appearance, you can populate the Columns collection with objects that represent columns of data. The GridView supports a variety of column types, including hyperlink, image, and check box columns.
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FIGURE 2-15 Transformation01.proj result
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<% for (int i = 0; i < this.Model.ContentModel.QuestionAnswers.Count; i++ ) { %> <%: Html.EditorFor(m=>m.ContentModel.QuestionAnswers[i], QuestionTemplateFactory.Create( Model.ContentModel.QuestionAnswers[i].QuestionType)) %> <% } %>
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Table 3-10. Query Signature Checksums in Abbreviated Form
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A computer health certificate A user certificate
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Your PC is in the den, hooked up to a cable connection and dutifully recording your favorite programs to a large hard disk. Your most comfortable chair is in the living room, opposite a large-screen TV. How do you get the content off the PC and onto the big screen One excellent option is a Media Center Extender. A Media Center Extender is a self-contained hardware device that connects directly to your home entertainment system and communicates over a network with a Media Center PC. The first generation of Media Center Extenders arrived in 2004 and are compatible only with Windows XP Media Center Edition. As we write this, the only extender device compatible with Windows Vista Media Center is Microsoft s Xbox 360. However, a new generation of extenders is due to hit the streets in 2007. The beauty of a Media Center Extender is that it uses an interface that is almost exactly identical to the one on the PC itself. The simple box doesn t need a keyboard; its primary role is to send the input from your remote control in the living room to the PC in the den, office, or basement, which in turn delivers TV or music or digital pictures to your big-screen TV. When you connect a Media Center Extender to the network and turn it on, your Media Center PC should detect its presence and display a message offering to set up a connection between the PC and the Extender. You can also kick off this process manually, by selecting Add Extender from the Tasks menu.
What Does the Road Ahead Look Like Sewing Up Understanding with BBP The Heart and Brain of BBP: The Story Template The Built-In Story Structure Theory Becomes Practical Step 1: Choose a Story Thread and a Pattern to Follow Step 2: Pull Through What s Most Important First Step 3: Guide the Visual and Verbal Strands with Your Storyboard Sketching the First Five Slides Sketching the Rest of the Slides Applying Custom Layouts Adding Graphics to the First Five Slides Adding Graphics to the Rest of the Slides Stepping into the Screen Presenting in Multiple Views Presenting with a Tablet PC Presenting Online Documenting the Experience Getting Started with the BBP Story Template Writing Headlines Using Three Ground Rules Rule 1: Write Concise, Complete Sentences with a Subject and a Verb in Active Voice Rule 2: Be Clear, Direct, Speci c, and Conversational Rule 3: Link Your Ideas Across Cells
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The first method can process bytes from any kind of stream: a FileStream, a NetworkStream, a MemoryStream, and so on . The second method can operate only on a FileStream, making it far more limited . On the flip side, it is usually best to declare a method s return type by using the strongest type possible (trying not to commit yourself to a specific type) . For example, it is better to declare a method that returns a FileStream object as opposed to returning a Stream object:
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Figure 9-4. The Orders Admin page After clicking one of the Go! buttons, the matching orders appear in a table (see Figure 9-5).
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Lesson 3: Working with ASP.NET Dynamic Data
Management Managed switches provide the ability to view the status of attached
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