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To serialize a graph of objects, just call the formatter s Serialize method and pass it two things: a reference to a stream object and a reference to the object graph that you wish to
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In this example, Windows has not only recognized a potential compatibility issue prior to installing your program, but also given you some cause for optimism that you might achieve a successful installation by following the directions in the message box. In other cases where a known compatibility issue is detected, the outlook might seem a little less bright:
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s Note Google Analytics obtains information by executing JavaScript code on the visitor s browser. That
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As an aside, a story is told about the mathematician Gauss. When he was a child, he and his classmates got an assignment from their teacher to nd the sum of all the integers from 1 through 100. Gauss gave the answer almost instantly. When the teacher asked him how he came up with the answer so fast, he said that he added the rst and the last values (1 + 100 = 101) and then multiplied that total by half the number of integers (50), which is the number of pairs. Sure enough, the result of rst_val + last_val is equal to the second_val + next_to_last val and so on. In short, the formula for the sum of the rst n positive integers is (n + n2) / 2. That s the number of rows that need to be scanned in total to calculate row numbers using this technique when an index is based on the sort column. You re looking at an n2 graph of I/O cost and run time based on the number of rows in the table. You can play with the numbers in the formula and see that the cost gets humongous pretty quickly. If you think about it, this technique calculates a running count aggregate, which happens to also have a special meaning for us a row number. You can use the same technique to calculate other running aggregates, like running totals and running averages, by simply using other aggregate functions operating on the applicable attribute. Therefore, using this technique to calculate running aggregates has n2 complexity. Unfortunately, unlike in the row number s case for which we have a much faster built-in function SQL Server 2008 doesn t support certain elements of the standard OVER clause that would allow faster calculation of running aggregates. Nonunique Sort Column and Tiebreaker When the sort column is not unique, you can make it unique by introducing a tiebreaker to allow a solution that keeps a reasonable level of simplicity. Let sortcol be the sort column and let tiebreaker be the tiebreaker column. To count rows with the same or smaller values of the sort list (sortcol, tiebreaker), use the following expression in the subquery:
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SqlCommand cmd1 = new SqlCommand cmd2 = new SqlDataReader reader1 SqlDataReader reader2 // Do some work using SqlCommand(cmdText1, conn); SqlCommand(cmdText2, conn); = cmd1.ExecuteReader(); = cmd2.ExecuteReader(); both readers on the same connection
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The number format of the primary vertical axis is set as user-defined + #,##0; [Red] #,##0;0 . There are multiple columns that contain possible labels of the primary horizontal axis . The label actually used is generated in column F by means of formulas; a procedure that sometimes ensures useful flexibility . The vertical major gridlines are enabled . The lines are formatted more boldly than the horizontal major gridlines . Reason: the tiling according to quarters is to be clearly visible . In this chart as well, the columns are accompanied by a trendline, in this case as a moving average .
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Note that you can set the AutoGenerateWhereClause or AutoGenerateOrderByClause attributes to true if you want to have the EntityDataSource control automatically map a parameter to a field in the results. The parameter and field must have the same name for this to work.
Third, enable the protocol on the interface or interfaces pointing to the network seg ment containing the DHCP clients. To enable the DHCP Relay Agent on a router interface, complete the following steps: 1. Open the Routing And Remote Access console. 2. In the console tree, right-click the DHCP Relay Agent node, and then click New Interface. 3. Click the interface you want to add, and then click OK. 4. In the DHCP Relay Properties dialog box, on the General tab, verify that the Relay DHCP Packets check box is selected. 5. If needed, in Hop-Count Threshold and Boot Threshold (Seconds), click the arrows to modify the thresholds.
A Sample Web Part Component
7. Work your way through the installation screens. Leave the boxes checked to install the text editor SciTE and the Ruby package manager RubyGems (more on that in C hapter 7). Unless you have a specific reason not to, let the installation program install Ruby in its default location of c:\ruby and its default program group. 8. Installation takes place when you see a stream of filenames flying up your screen. Wait several minutes for the installation process to complete, and enjoy the view. There are a lot of files to install! 9. Installation is complete when the installation program says Installation Complete and the Next button is clickable. Click the Next button, and then click Finish to exit the installation program. If Ruby installed correctly, congratulations! Go to the Start menu and then the rograms or All Programs menu. There should be a Ruby program group that contains P icons for SciTE, an uninstaller, and other bits and pieces. To test that your Ruby installation works correctly for 2, you need to load the program listed as fxri Interactive Ruby Help & Console, so click this entry and wait for the program to load. If the program loads successfully, you ll see a screen that looks somewhat like Figure 1-1.
Debugging a Java Class
When using destructors, all exceptions must be caught. If an exception is propagated outside the destructor, the finalizer thread assumes that finalization has completed and not all resources will be freed.
Although not directly responsible for any of these changes, Java holds a prominent position as a technological enabler and has often been at the forefront of making these changes become reality. The Java platform is the result of six years of evolution, driven by the fastest-changing IT market ever. This has resulted in changes to Java at the most fundamental levels; principally, Java has undergone a transformation as it has expanded into new application domains. Originally aimed at consumer devices and the development of applets for providing rich Internet content, Java and more precisely Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) have become the enterprise and Internet systems development platform of choice for many organizations. As Java has evolved and been applied to more problems, the API has grown many times. The Java class libraries and optional packages now support all aspects of contemporary business computing.
Installing Windows Server 2003 on VPN Routers, and Configuring Internet Interfaces
internal sealed class ConditionVariablePattern { private readonly Object m_lock = new Object(); private Boolean m_condition = false; public void Thread1() { Monitor.Enter(m_lock);
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