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AppDomain.CurrentDomain.AssemblyResolve += (sender, args) => { String resourceName = "AssemblyLoadingAndReflection." + new AssemblyName(args.Name).Name + ".dll"; using (var stream = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetManifestResourceStream(resourceName)) { Byte[] assemblyData = new Byte[stream.Length]; stream.Read(assemblyData, 0, assemblyData.Length); return Assembly.Load(assemblyData); } };
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The BETWEEN operator does not open up new possibilities; it only allows you to formulate certain conditions a bit more easily and more readably. See Listing 4-24 for an example.
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To make a .pfx file out of your certificate and to export it
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Figure 3 1. The Nokia Qt SDK
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18. Table-Driven Methods
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// Assign template variable $smarty->assign($params['assign'], $cart_details); } // Class that deals with managing the shopping cart class CartDetails { // Public variables available in smarty template public $mCartProducts; public $mSavedCartProducts; public $mTotalAmount; public $mIsCartNowEmpty = 0; // Is the shopping cart empty public $mIsCartLaterEmpty = 0; // Is the 'saved for later' list empty public $mCartReferrer = 'index.php'; public $mCartDetailsTarget; // Private attributes private $_mProductId; private $_mCartAction; // Class constructor public function __construct() { // Setting the "Continue shopping" button target if (isset ($_SESSION['page_link'])) $this->mCartReferrer = $_SESSION['page_link']; if (isset ($_GET['CartAction'])) $this->mCartAction = $_GET['CartAction']; else trigger_error('CartAction not set', E_USER_ERROR); // These cart operations require a valid product id if ($this->mCartAction == ADD_PRODUCT || $this->mCartAction == REMOVE_PRODUCT || $this->mCartAction == SAVE_PRODUCT_FOR_LATER || $this->mCartAction == MOVE_PRODUCT_TO_CART) if (isset ($_GET['ProductID'])) $this->mProductId = $_GET['ProductID']; else trigger_error('ProductID must be set for this type of request', E_USER_ERROR); $this->mCartDetailsTarget = 'index.php CartAction=' . UPDATE_PRODUCTS_QUANTITIES; }
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Open the DHCP console if it isn t already open. Right-click IPv4, select Properties, and then click the DNS tab to open the IPv4 Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 19-5.
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can then act upon and understand the relationships between these concepts in any way you define. For example, you might want to create an application that can manage the booking of tickets for sports events. The concepts involved include events, people, tickets, venues, and so forth. Ruby lets you put these concepts directly into your programs, create object instances of them (instances of an event might be the Super Bowl or the final of the 2010 World Cup), and perform operations upon and define relationships between them. With all these concepts in your program, you can quickly relate events to venues and tickets to people, meaning that your code presents a logical system from the outset. If you haven t programmed much before, the idea of taking real-life concepts and using them directly in a computer program might seem like an obvious way to make software development easier. However, object orientation is a reasonably new idea in software development (the concept was developed in the 1960s, but it only became popular in mainstream programming in the 1990s). With non object-oriented languages, the programmer has less flexibility in handling concepts and the relationships between them, and will have a lot of overhead to deal with.
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for the subnet ID. Therefore, the number of available subnets is 28, or 256. You do not usually need to subtract 2 from this total because most modern routers (including the Routing And Remote Access service in Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, and Windows Server 2003) can accept a subnet ID made up of all 1s or all 0s. When you are configuring an address space and subnet mask to suit your network needs, be sure to assign a number of bits to the subnet ID that will accommodate all the subnets you now use and plan to use in the future. Remember, when determining this figure, that each physical network counts as a subnet.
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4 . . Open the application s web .config file . You should see entries for Copyright and CompanyName . Web .config should look like this now (some entries inserted by Visual Studio have been omitted):
Management Standards
Twanna Evans
Figure 13-4 Using a reflection attack, the client can reflect the server s challenge back to the client to get a valid response.
} catch ( System.Exception eSave ) { Label1.Text=eSave.Message; } finally { cn.Close(); } }
Security Templates
Freachable queue
The Result of the Aliasing Problem in Visual Basic
The following query helps you see which bits are turned on or off in each integer bitmap generated by the GROUPING_ID function with ve input elements:
Don t run this code because it will fail with a foreign key violation . I just wanted to provide you with a code sample . When you re done, run the following code for cleanup:
10 Configuring and Managing Remote Access
After deployment, when is the software available for installation How is the software installed
Besides reducing flexibility and introducing complexity, this approach has one major consequence: for methods that take a long time to complete, the responsiveness of the thread is dependent on the frequency with which the thread reference is checked. The programmer has to decide between checking the state frequently and accepting that the call to stop might not result in the thread being halted immediately. By contrast, .NET supports almost immediate thread control using the Suspend and Resume methods. These methods work as their names indicate. Resuming a thread that has been suspended causes execution to continue from the point at which it stopped. Watch out for the exceptions that can be thrown; it's easy to forget about them since C# doesn't enforce declaring exceptions on method signatures. Both methods will throw a ThreadStateException if the thread hasn't been started or because the thread is dead. In addition, Resume will throw this exception if the thread hasn't been suspended. Checking the thread state before making one of these calls can help minimize these exceptions. See the "Thread States" section later in this chapter. Also note that these calls will throw a SecurityException if the caller doesn't have the required permission. See 17, "Security and Cryptography," for more information on security.
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