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-- Allow only existing table or view name as input object IF COALESCE(OBJECT_ID(@object, N'U'), OBJECT_ID(@object, N'V')) IS NULL BEGIN SET @msg = N'%s is not an existing table or view in the database.'; RAISERROR(@msg, 16, 1, @object); RETURN; END
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DotNetLinks table (as well as the DotNetReferences table) . Click the DotNetLinks hyperlink . You should see the DotNetLinks table represented in the browser as follows:
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1.6 Relational Operators
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Disabling Recursion The Forwarders tab allows you to disable recursion on any que ries, specified by domain, that have been configured to be forwarded to an upstream server. When recursion is not disabled (the default), the local DNS server attempts to resolve a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) after a forwarder has failed to do so. This condition is preferable if you want to optimize settings for fault tolerance: if the upstream forwarder is down, name resolution can fall back to the local DNS server. However, when under this default setting the forwarder receives the forwarded query and still fails to resolve it, the subsequent fallback recursion that occurs at the local DNS server is usually redundant and delays an inevitable query failure message response. Disabling recursion on queries for which forwarding has been configured thus optimizes the speed of negative query responses at the expense of fault tolerance. When forwarders are configured this way in combination with disabling recursion, the local DNS server is known as a slave server because in these cases, it is completely dependent on the forwarder for queries that it cannot resolve locally.
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When Windows Firewall blocks traffic, it doesn t display an (annoying) on-screen alert as some third-party personal firewalls do. However, you can configure Windows Firewall to store a record of its activity in a log file. To enable logging, follow these steps: 1. In the console tree, select Windows Firewall With Advanced Security On Local Computer (the top-level folder). In the Details pane, click Windows Firewall Properties. (Alternatively, right-click the top-level folder and choose Properties.)
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DataTable.Columns[ColumnIndex]; Remove all columns DataTable.Columns.Clear(); Remove a specified DataTable.Columns.Remove(ColumnName); column DataTable.Columns.RemoveAt(ColumnIndex); Row Actions Add or insert a row DataTable.Rows.Add(DataRow); DataTable.Rows.InsertAt(DataRow, RowIndex); The new DataRow to be added or inserted must be created using the DataTable.NewRow method. Get a specified row DataTable.Rows[RowIndex]; Remove all rows DataTable.Rows.Clear(); Remove a specified DataTable.Rows.Remove(DataRow); row DataTable.Rows.RemoveAt(RowIndex); Work with column DataRow[ColumnName]; data in a row DataRow[ColumnIndex];
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var customerDb = EnterpriseLibraryContainer.Current.GetInstance<Database>("Customers");
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Once a connection has been accepted, the resulting type can be used to communicate with the client. These operations can be handed off to threaded delegates, but the process of accepting new connections is synchronous. The Socket class allows connections to be accepted asynchronously; see the "Programming with Native Sockets" section for more details.
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Before You Begin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-1
A constant (or literal) is something with a fixed value. We distinguish numbers (numeric constants) and text (alphanumeric constants). In database jargon, alphanumeric constants are also referred to as strings. In the SQL language, alphanumeric constants (strings) must be placed between single quotation marks (quotes). Numbers are also relatively straightforward in SQL; however, don t put them between quotes or they will be interpreted as strings. If you like, you can explicitly indicate that you want SQL to interpret numeric values as floating point numbers by adding the suffixes f or d to indicate single (float) or double precision, respectively. Be careful with the decimal period and group separators ( (commas) in
CLS and Non-CLS Exceptions
Your page, in Design view, should look similar to the one shown in Figure 5-15.
Straight Time 0.771 1.63 1.34
30. Programming Tools
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