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If numbers are the most basic type of data that a computer can process, text is our next rung up the data ladder. Text is used everywhere, especially when communicating with users (directly, in e-mail, over the Web, or otherwise). In this section, you ll find out how to manipulate text to your heart s content.
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Sinatra homepage ( The official homepage for the Sinatra microframework and library. The Sinatra site is quite minimally designed, but you can find links to several useful references on there.
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Lesson 1: Creating HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules
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Order of Inheritance
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In this exercise, you verify that new SRV resource records have been added to the domain1.local zone. 1. From Computer1, log on to Domain1 as Administrator. Use the same password that you originally assigned to the Computer1 Administrator account. 2. If you see the final page in the Configure Your Server Wizard, indicating that the server is now a domain controller, click Finish. 3. Open the DNS console. Expand the COMPUTER1, Forward Lookup Zones, and the Domain1.local nodes. Six subdomains are now listed under Domain1.local. They have been created by the installation of Active Directory. 4. In the DNS console tree, browse to locate an SRV resource record named _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.domain1.local. To perform this task, read each label in the name of the resource record from right to left, starting with the Domain1.local node. For example, once you have opened the _msdcs.domain1.local node, open the Dc node, and finally the _tcp node. You see the _ldap service location (SRV) resource record in the details pane when the _tcp node is selected, as shown in Figure 5-12.
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Implement role separation By following Common Criteria guidelines, your organiza-
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When the C# compiler processes the source file, it sees that the code references the System.Console type s WriteLine method. At this point, the compiler wants to ensure that this type exists somewhere, that it has a WriteLine method, and that it checks that the types of the arguments that WriteLine expects match up with what the program is supplying. To make the C# compiler happy, you must give it a set of assemblies that it can use to resolve references to external types. (I ll define assemblies shortly, but for now you can think of an assembly as a set of one or more DLL files.) In the command line above, I ve included the /r[eference]:MSCorLib.dll switch telling the compiler to look for external types in the assembly identified by the MSCorLib.dll file. MSCorLib.dll is a special file in that it contains all the core types, such as bytes, integers, characters, strings, and so on. In fact, these types are so frequently used that the C# compiler automatically references this assembly. In other words, the following command line (with the /r switch omitted) gives the same results as the line shown earlier:
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Members of the Interface
WARNING: Forgetting the Q_OBJECT declaration at the top of a class definition that inherits from QObject is one of the most common mistakes people make when they first start working with Qt. If you forget, you ll get an error such as Class declarations lacks Q_OBJECT macro (or something more confusing depending on what platform you re targeting) when you compile your class. The class definition includes two slots and one signal. You can think of the signal declaration as an output of the class. When mValue changes, the class must emit that signal. As such, the signal itself does not have a method body; the prototype indicates the type signature and name of the signal. Slots, on the other hand, do have method bodies; the slot s method body executes either when a signal connected to it fires, or if another piece of code invokes it. (After all, a slot really is just a method, albeit with special properties imbued by Qt.) For example, Listing 4 2 shows the definitions of setValue and increment.
You can type values for the parameters in this test harness and click Invoke to see the results, or you can click the link at the top of the page to get the address of the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file that describes this Web service. The address of this WSDL looks something like this: http://localhost/PriceHistoryService/PriceHistoryWebService.asmx WSDL
Creating a Delegate Command
If you re still confused regarding the requirements and the meaning of each input, skip the solution in Listing 9-1 . Instead, examine the invocation examples and the outputs that follow the listing and the explanation of the solution . Then try to provide your own solution before looking at this one .
Lesson 2
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Figure 4-6
You should invest a good amount of time considering your motif and trying on different ones for size, because if you nd a good one, it can transform the ber of your story thread into ber optics as your new information travels through working memory.
In 2007 and early 2008, the Git source control system swept to popularity in the Ruby world, supplanting the previously incumbent Subversion/SVN. One of Git s benefits over SVN is that it s completely decentralized, but people still wanted a central source on which to host shared projects publicly, as a sort of hub, and so GitHub ( went live in February 2008. Source control systems are beyond the scope of this book, but if you get into releasing code for use in the Ruby community, you are going to come across GitHub before long. At the time of writing, GitHub has become as popular as RubyForge for distributing gems, especially since it makes working collaboratively so easy. Make sure to check out the GitHub site for more information to see if it will fit into your workflow. GitHub also builds and hosts RubyGem files for projects that include a gemspec file, so it can be a handy alternative to RubyForge if using Git is part of your workflow.
XAML supports animations through defining how their properties are changed over time using a timeline. These timelines are contained within a storyboard. Different types of animation include these: DoubleAnimation to be animated ColorAnimation PointAnimation Allows numeric properties, such as those used to determine location, Allows colored properties, such as fills, to be transformed Allows points that define a two-dimensional space to be animated
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