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Debugging and Deploying
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is a summary comment in terms of the solution. A six-month study conducted by IBM found that maintenance programmers most often said that understanding the original programmer s intent was the most difficult problem (Fjelstad and Hamlen 1979). The distinction between intent and summary comments isn t always clear, and it s usually not important. Examples of intent comments are given throughout the chapter. The only two kinds of comments that are acceptable for completed code are intent and summary comments.
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Select Control Panel and then click Printers And Faxes. In the task pane, click Add A Printer to start the Add A Printer Wizard. Follow the instructions to complete the wizard. In the details pane, right-click the printer and select Properties. On the Sharing tab, select Share This Printer and then select List In The Directory. Verify that Render Print Jobs On Client Computers is selected. Click the General tab. In the Location area, type the physical location of the printer. Click Apply.
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tion by reducing the number of times the information is transmitted across the network. Correct Answer: A
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You cannot declaratively override the value of property set in a skin file. If you want to override the skin value of control property, you have to place some code in the Page_Init or Page_Load event:
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using System; using System.IO; public static class Program { public static void Main() { // Create the bytes to write to the temporary file. Byte[] bytesToWrite = new Byte[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; // Create the temporary file. FileStream fs = new FileStream("Temp.dat", FileMode.Create); // Write the bytes to the temporary file.
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MSBuildNodeCount* MSBuildStartupDirectory* MSBuildToolsPath* MSBuildToolsVersion*
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Visual Basic Example of a Generic loop-with-exit Loop
Visual Studio Team System
In fact, the System.Exception class should have been marked as abstract, which would forbid code that tried to throw it from even compiling .
The value axis has a fixed scaling so that the long-term average value (the horizontal data series) always remains at the same position and is slowly but continuously exceeded when the chart is moved forward . Based on the font size and the limited space, the category axis label is automatically wrapped to the next line; that is, though it is created in one line, it is displayed in two lines . Therefore, the month is placed before the year, which fulfills an essential basic rule for axis labels: wherever possible, detailed labels must be closer to graphical data series than group labels . The position of the category axis label was optically synchronized with the position of the controls by defining a label distance of 300 . The plot area of the chart is completely transparent . Table formatting is responsible for the colored separation of the columns as illustrated in the figure . When creating the chart that is, in the final phase of the design work you must ensure that the column limits of the table and the (later invisible) vertical gridlines of the chart correspond to each other . To achieve this easily, you must select Don't move or size with cells for the chart . Then, while the chart is fixed, you can reduce or increase the width of the table columns behind the chart .
Value Bit 0x1 0x1 0x2 0x2 0x4 0x4 0x8 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 Description On a directory this grants the right to list the contents of the directory. Read permission. On a file this grants the right to read the file. File write permission. On a file this right grants permission to write to the file. This right is used on a directory and permits a grantee to create a file in the directory. On a file this permits a user to append data to the file. On a directory this permits a grantee to create a new subdirectory. On a file this grants permission to read the extended file attributes. Extended file attributes are not normally used on Windows today. They were originally included to provide compatibility with applications written for OS/2. On a file this grants permission to write extended attributes. Execute permission. On a binary executable, this grants the right to execute the file. Directory traversal permission. This permission allows the grantee to traverse through a directory that it does not have access to in order to get to a subdirectory that it is granted access to. However, all subjects on Windows have the Bypass Traverse Checking (SeChangeNotify) privilege, which will give them this right regardless of whether the permission is granted.
SELECT REPLICATE(' | ', M.lvl) + M.empname FROM dbo.Employees AS E JOIN dbo.Employees AS M ON E.empid = 14 AND E.path LIKE M.path + '%' ORDER BY E.path;
When using a constant symbol, compilers look up the symbol in the metadata of the module that defines the constant, extract the constant s value, and embed the value in the emitted IL code. Because a constant s value is embedded directly in code, constants don t require any memory allocated for them at run time. In addition, you can t get the address of a constant and you can t pass a constant by reference. These constraints also mean that constants don t have a good cross module versioning story, so you should use them only when you know that the value of a symbol will never change. (Defining MaxInt32 as 32767 is a good example.) Let me demonstrate exactly what I mean. First take the following code and compile it into a DLL assembly:
Windows console applications For applications with very simple UI demands, a console application provides a quick and easy way to build an application . Compilers, utilities, and tools are typically implemented as console applications . Windows services Yes, it is possible to build service applications that are controllable via the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) by using the .NET Framework . Database stored procedures Microsoft s SQL Server, IBM s DB2, and Oracle s database servers allow developers to write their stored procedures using the .NET Framework . Component library The .NET Framework allows you to build stand-alone assemblies (components) containing types that can be easily incorporated into any of the previously mentioned application types .
There is also an HtmlTable control. It can be created from the HTML <table> tag by adding the runat="server" attribute to the tag and assigning an ID to the tag. However, the Table control is easier to use because it provides a programming model that is consistent with the TableRow and TableCell controls.
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