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namespace CompanyB { public class BetterPhone : CompanyA.Phone { // This Dial method has nothing to do with Phone's Dial method. public new void Dial() { Console.WriteLine("BetterPhone.Dial"); EstablishConnection(); base.Dial(); } protected virtual void EstablishConnection() { Console.WriteLine("BetterPhone.EstablishConnection"); // Do work to establish the connection. } } }
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sNote Web traffic reporting is much more useful if the URLs of your site are formatted in a search
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The Program .exe file discussed in the previous section is more than just a PE file with metadata; it is also an assembly . An assembly is a collection of one or more files containing type definitions and resource files . One of the assembly s files is chosen to hold a manifest . The manifest is another set of metadata tables that basically contain the names of the files that are part of the assembly . They also describe the assembly s version, culture, publisher, publicly exported types, and all of the files that comprise the assembly . The CLR operates on assemblies; that is, the CLR always loads the file that contains the manifest metadata tables first and then uses the manifest to get the names of the other files that are in the assembly . Here are some characteristics of assemblies that you should remember:
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Version Resource
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Scenario: The Crisis Response Team System
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FIguRE 27-1 How Windows performs a synchronous I/O operation
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Deployment and Quarantine Control Using Connection Manager
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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To test the mod_rewrite module, you can add a rewrite command. For example, you can add a path to reroute any access to the \myadmin directory to the Joomla \administrator directory. In the httpd.conf file, after the line that enables the RewriteEngine, add the following code:
Listing 31-2. Java layout example #2.
Programming Model Soup
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FIGURE 23-19 The Manually Configure Settings dialog box
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