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Table 10-1 Attributes for Forms Authentication in ASP.NET 1.x code to generate barcode
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session. If the LSA determines that there is a linked access token, it adds the network share to the linked location. To enable a linked network drive, create a DWORD named EnableLinkedConnections with a value of 1 under the following registry key:
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Depending on the types of documents you create in Office Word 2007, you might be relieved to know that you can hide the menus and scrollbars to get the maximum amount of room on screen. To view your document in full-screen view, click the View tab and choose Full Screen Reading. The document is displayed in two-page format, and a toolbar across the top of the display gives you options for printing, saving, reviewing, and changing the view of the displayed document (see Figure 4-10).
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Before You Start
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In the following example, we use the numeric format string E2, which indicates scientific notation to two decimal places, and we specify null as the IFormatProvider so that the default localization settings are used.
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646 ChAPTER 11
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Making the Application Scalable The scalability of an application running on Windows Azure depends largely on being able to deploy multiple instances of your web and worker roles to multiple compute nodes while being able to access the same data from those nodes. Both single-tenant and multi-tenant applications use this feature to scale out when they run on Windows Azure. Windows Azure also offers various sizes of compute nodes that enable you to scale up or scale down individual instances. For some applications, you may not want to have all your customers sharing a single, multi-tenant instance. For example, you may want to group your customers based on the functionality they use or their expected usage patterns, and then optimize each instance for the customers who are using it. In this case, you may need to have two or more copies of your multi-tenanted application deployed in different Windows Azure accounts. Service Level Agreements You may want to offer a different Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the different subscription levels for the service. If subscribers with different SLAs are sharing the same multi-tenant instance, you should aim to meet the highest SLA, thereby ensuring that you also satisfy the lower SLAs for other customers. However, if you have a limited number of different SLAs, you could put all the customers that share the same SLA into the same multi-tenant instance and make sure that the instance has sufficient resources to satisfy the requirements of the SLA.
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To use the ChangePassword method, you must pass in the old password. In some cases, you might want to allow users to simply reset their password instead of changing it. You do this by using the ResetPassword method:
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Part III:
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Objective 5.2 Answers 1.
And, of course, the .NET Framework ships with a massive class library which contains tens of thousands of types each type encapsulating common, reusable functionality . There are types for building Web form applications, Web services, rich GUI applications, working with security, manipulation of images, speech recognition, and the list goes on and on . Any of this code could throw an exception, indicating failure . And, future versions could introduce new exception types derived from existing exception types and now your catch blocks catch exception types that never existed before . All of this stuff object-oriented programming, compiler features, CLR features, and the enormous class library is what makes the .NET Framework such a compelling software development platform .4 My point is that all of this stuff introduces points of failure into your code which you have little control over . As long as everything is working great, all is well: we write code easily, the code is easy to read and maintain . But, when something goes wrong, it is nearly impossible to fully understand what went wrong and why . Here is an example that should really help get my point across:
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