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Summaries of any contiguous chain of months; that is, not only the usual January to June and January to October, but also periods such as February to August or May to September, and so on . At the same time, a summary of costs in accordance with the following model:
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FIGURE 4-4 Selecting data types for a field created during the import process
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a. First, add parameters for company, contact, city, and phone. Set the source for each
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Class implementations are generally laid out in this order: 1. Header comment that describes the contents of the file the class is in 2. Class data 3. Public routines 4. Protected routines 5. Private routines
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Much has been made about the security risks posed by Windows Script Host. The power and flexibility afforded by scripts can be used by forces of evil as easily as they can be used to make your life simpler. Indeed, the infamous I Love You and Anna Kournikova e-mail worms were powered by VBScript attachments. Luckily, you can make some simple changes that reduce the chance that you ll accidentally run a nefarious script. As a first line of defense, be sure that the file name extension is always displayed for script files. (This would have tipped off many people who opened an e-mail attachment named Anna Kournikova.jpg.vbs. Because the extension is not displayed by default, many hopeful fans expected to see a picture of the tennis star.) As a second defensive measure, you can change the default association for script files from Windows Script Host to Notepad. This causes script files to open harmlessly in the text editor if you inadvertently double-click them.
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Writing and Working with HTTP Modules and Web Services
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To create a Silverlight application, in the New Project dialog box, select the Silverlight 3 Application + Website template option, and name your new project TestApp. Expression Blend creates a new project for you that contains everything you need for a Silverlight .NET application.
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Gauges in a Test Model
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Now that we ve covered the most important basic principles of using Excel 2007 in 1, we can start to get our hands dirty . However, we ll continue to work with an example for the time being, in order to clarify rules and lay a solid foundation for future work . I ll start by describing the working and structural model that provides a basis for many of the examples in this book . Next, I ll explain the key formulas that play dynamic roles in such models, and which are of particular importance in this book . I ll then introduce an example based on these, which I ll first outline and then guide you through with step-by-step instructions that will let you reproduce it for yourself . You ll get the most of out this book if you adopt this hands-on approach from the start because the structure and design of this model are used again and again in many other solutions presented later on . See, do, understand, and transfer the knowledge: This is the path to successful, independent learning, and you can get started on that path right now . However, it you re not quite ready, you can skip all but the first two sections of this chapter, and return to it again once you ve read some more theoretical information in s 3 through 6 .
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Be aware that other software and services may use the Activity ID of the Correlation Manager to provide information and monitoring facilities. An example is Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), which uses the Activity ID to implement tracing. You must also ensure that you correctly dispose Tracer instances. If you do not take advantage of the using construct to automatically dispose instances, you must ensure that you dispose nested instances in the reverse order you created them by disposing the child instance before you dispose the parent instance. You must also ensure that you dispose Tracer instances on the same thread that created them.
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The stackalloc command allocates memory from the stack and returns the address of the allocated memory. The returned address must be assigned to a local pointer variable as part of the variable's declaration. The stackalloc command takes an unmanaged data type and a quantity as arguments, calculates the size of the memory block to accommodate the specified number of instances, allocates memory from the stack, and returns a pointer to the newly allocated memory block. The initial content of the memory is undefined. The following code demonstrates a number of stackalloc operations:
When a managed thread has an unhandled exception, the CLR examines some settings to determine whether it should launch a debugger. To make this determination, the CLR checks the following registry subkey for the DbgJITDebugLaunchSetting value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework If this value exists, its value must be one of those listed in Table 18 2. Table 18 2: Possible Values of DbgJITDebugLaunchSetting Value 0 Description Display a dialog box asking the user whether he would like to debug the process. If the user chooses not to debug the process, the CLR fires the AppDomain s UnhandledException event and then, if the exception occurred in the main thread or in an unmanaged thread, terminates the process along with all the AppDomains in it. If no callback methods have registered with AppDomain s UnhandledException event and if the process is a CUI application, the CLR displays the stack trace to the console. If the user chooses to debug the application, the CLR spawns a debugger, which will attach itself to the AppDomain. The CLR determines the command line used to spawn the debugger by examining the DbgManagedDebugger registry value contained in the save registry subkey. 339
Goals of .NET
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usually no more than a hop or two away, and the answer was quickly returned. This is a good idea if you trust your ISP to have accurate and safe DNS servers. The third option is for the server to forward any DNS query for which it doesn t have the answer to the Internet s DNS root servers. This option, which uses root hints, is somewhat slower than querying the ISP s servers that are a lot closer, but it does ensure an accurate answer.
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rate functionality. For corporations that have multiple remote offices, communications previously accounted for a huge part of the overhead in operations and budgets. Now offices can be connected over the Internet inexpensively and with ease. This drastically reduces expansion costs and makes global growth a reality for companies that previously had no such options available to them.
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SET SHOWPLAN_XML ON; GO SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderid >= 2147483647; GO SET SHOWPLAN_XML OFF;
well-behaved when being removed. Expect to have to reboot when removing a Role or Role Service.
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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