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Here's where the $30 went: The hotel has $25, the receptionist has $2, and the guests have $3. What the receptionist did wrong in his calculation was that he added $27 and $2but the reason this was wrong was that it made no sense to add these numbers because the $2 (what he pocketed) was already part of the $27 the guests paid. The original $30, if you need to account for it, is the $27 the guests paid plus the $3 change they got back.
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C ha p ter 3 r U B Y S B U ILDI NG B LO C K S : D a t a , e X p r e S S I O N S , a N D F LO W C O N t r O L
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Correlated subqueries are subqueries that have references to columns from the outer query. Logically, the subquery is evaluated once for each row of the outer query. Again, physically, it s a much more dynamic process and varies from case to case, with no single physical way to process a correlated subquery.
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The member server caches the TGT and can use it when necessary to request access to services. In fact, that is exactly what happens next. The server requests service tickets from the KDC. If you examine additional records in the security log near the TGT request, you will find that a request for a service ticket is successful as well. At this point, the server uses the TGT to obtain a service ticket for access to its own resources. The Kerberos packets in the capture do not reveal any interesting informa tion the data is encrypted. You should also note the connection to download repre sentative policy modules. Kerberos at User Logon Next, when a domain user in this case, the Administrator logs on, the process repeats. Credentials are presented and a TGT is requested. If the credentials are approved, the TGT is issued. In the Network Monitor log, more UDP frames are bound for port 88 on the domain controller, followed by a response. Check the time of these frames (Figure 11-15) and follow up with a look at the Security Event log for this time.
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The answer to this puzzle might seem strange. Most people intuitively assume that the probability is very low. However, the probability that two people in a group of 23 have the same birthday happens to be greater than 50 percent (about 50.7 percent). For 60 or more people, it s greater than 99 percent (disregarding variations in the distribution and assuming that the 365 possible birthdays are equally likely). The tricky part of the puzzle is that you need to determine the probability that any two people share the same birthday not a speci c two. For the exact solution and some interesting information about the birthday paradox, check out the Wikipedia entry at
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This example produces the following output:
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You can use ASP.NET tracing to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with a page in your website. It displays information about the request, the response, and the environment. You can use the trace method to display custom trace messages to the trace log. An AJAX-enabled page can use the client-side Sys.Debug.trace method to render tracing information to a webpage (by using a TextArea control), to the Visual Studio Output window, or to a browser s debug console. ASP.NET provides health monitoring tools (which you ll find in the System.Web. Management namespace) to enable you to monitor a running website. You can configure web events with listeners by using rule child elements of the <healthMonitoring> element inside Web.config.
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Object Plan Guides
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Perceiving, Interpreting, Understanding
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Implementing an Order Placement System
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