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Sinatra: The Book ( A community-written online book about Sinatra and how to accomplish various things with it. This is a great starting point for rounding out your Sinatra knowledge if you ve already completed all of 13. Ramaze homepage ( The official homepage for the Ramaze web application framework. Ramaze by Example ( A series of Ramaze tutorials by a developer known as Pistos. The tutorials start with a look at the philosophies and rationales behind Ramaze, but quickly move on to building a complete application. It s a great addition to what was covered in 13.
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Disk Management will be happy to make an NTFS volume larger for you, provided unallocated space is available on the same or another hard disk. To accomplish the expansion, right-click the volume you want to expand, and choose Extend Volume from the shortcut menu. Click Next to move past the Extend Volume Wizard s welcome page. The Select Disks page, shown in Figure 28-5, appears.
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AspectJ and Ant
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You can download Project Linker from Visual Studio Gallery or open Visual Studio, click Tools, point to Extension Manager, click Online Gallery, and search for Project Linker. For more information about structuring your assemblies to take advantage of the binary compatibility support between Silverlight and WPF, see the CLR Team Blog post, Sharing Silverlight Assemblies with .NET Apps : For more information about WPF architecture, see WPF Architecture on MSDN: For more information about Silverlight architecture, see Silverlight Architecture on MSDN: For a summary of the differences between WPF and Silverlight, see WPF Compatibility on MSDN: For more information about the Visual State Manager and how it works in creating controls, see the following MSDN articles about creating customizable controls: (for Silverlight) (for WPF in .NET Framework 4) For more information about creating an application with elevated trust, see Trusted Applications on MSDN: To access web resources more easily, see the online version of the bibliography on MSDN:
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Handling Signals in QML
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<StackPanel> <TextBox /> <TextBox /> </StackPanel>
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The SN .exe utility doesn t offer any way for you to display the private key .
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A remote access policy profile consists of a set of dial-up constraints and properties that can be applied to a connection. You can configure a remote access policy profile by clicking the Edit Profile button in the policy properties dialog box, shown in Figure 10-15. Clicking this button opens the Edit Dial-In Profile dialog box, shown in Figure 10-18. By default, the policy profile is not configured; consequently, no additional restrictions or properties are applied to the connection.
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Private network
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But keep in mind that the UPDATE statement s assignment of col1 values might be different. As long as you don t care about the order in which the data is scanned and modi ed, you might be happy with this technique. It is very fast because it scans the data only once. SQL Server supports another technique to achieve this task that is much more elegant and that allows you to specify the logical ordering of the resulting row numbers. This technique involves issuing an UPDATE through a CTE that calculates row numbers based on any desired order, like so:
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Match all the settings of the profile. Match all the settings of the dial-in properties of the user account.
Part I:
Enable a Web site to use Web Parts Enable a Web page to use WebPart controls Add various editing capabilities to a Web Parts page Add a place in which to position server-side controls to be managed by the Web Part architecture Allow users to dynamically add controls from a collection of controls Create a Web Part
internal static class StrangeBehavior { // As you'll see later, mark this field as volatile to fix the problem private static Boolean s_stopWorker = false; public static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Main: letting worker run for 5 seconds"); Thread t = new Thread(Worker); t.Start(); Thread.Sleep(5000); s_stopWorker = true; Console.WriteLine("Main: waiting for worker to stop"); t.Join(); } private static void Worker(Object o) { Int32 x = 0; while (!s_stopWorker) x++; Console.WriteLine("Worker: stopped when x={0}", x); } }
Note The bean class may or may not implement a business interface although I recommend that you use interfaces to define the contracts between your application tiers and components. If you choose to not implement any business interfaces, a business interface will be dynamically generated using all the public methods. If only certain methods should be exposed in the business interface, all of those methods can be marked with the @BusinessMethod annotation.
Special Folders in ASP.NET 2.0 Applications
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