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We have created a table to hold employee details and have inserted three rows into that table . We start the implementation of change data capture by enabling it at the database level . We do this by executing the following command:
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1. Click Start, and then click Run. 2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK. 3. Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasMan\Parameters 4. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value. 5. Type NegotiateDH2048, and then press ENTER. 6. Right-click NegotiateDH2048, and then click Modify. 7. In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK. 8. On the Registry menu, click Exit. For example, you can create a Windows group named VPNRouters whose members are the user accounts of all calling routers. Next, you create a policy using the New Remote Access Policy Wizard that specifies a VPN connection using the VPNRouters group. Using the Wizard, you can also select a specific authentication method and encryption strength. Note IP packet filters on the IP tab of the profile settings of a remote access policy apply only to remote access VPN connections. They have no effect on demand-dial connections.
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Even though, strictly speaking, an unboxing operation doesn t copy any fields, it is frequently followed immediately by a field copy, which does copy the fields from the heap to the stack. In fact, in C#, an unbox operation is always followed by a field copy. Let s take a look at some C# code demonstrating that unbox and copy operations always work together:
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After adding the Add to Cart and View Cart buttons, the web site will look like Figure 6-1.
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Note that these bit places represent values held only when a given bit place contains a 1. When an octet contains a 0 in any bit place, the value of the bit is 0. For example, if the first bit place is filled with a bit value of 1, the equivalent decimal value is 128. Where the bit value is 0, the equivalent decimal value is 0 as well. If all the bit places in an octet are filled with 1s, the equivalent decimal value is 255. If all the bit places are filled with 0s, the equivalent decimal value is 0. Binary-to-Decimal Conversion Example first octet in an IP address:
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Compared to your previous attempt, this code introduces the text variable and adds each line onto the end of it in turn. When the iteration over the file has finished that is, when you run out of lines text contains the entire file in a single string ready for you to use. That s a simple-looking way to get the file into a single string and count the lines, but File also has other methods that can be used to read files more quickly. For example, you can rewrite the preceding code like this: lines = File.readlines("text.txt") line_count = lines.size text = lines.join puts "#{line_count} lines" Much simpler! File implements a readlines method that reads an entire file into an array, line by line. You can use this both to count the lines and join them all into a single string.
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Rob was nearing completion on his latest feature, his boss stopped by his office to tell him that he now had 12 bugs assigned to him, and that he needed to stop and fix them. Rob was frustrated that he had to stop his development work, but he was even more aggravated when he realized that the code containing most of the bugs was written nearly a month previously, and he now had to take time to relearn how the code worked before making the fixes. Kirk was also worried that the bug bar would slow down his development work, but he was willing to give it a chance. Kirk started writing code, and soon after his first code check-in, two bugs were found in his code. Rather than wait for his bug count to reach or surpass the 10-bug limit, Kirk decided to stop and see if he could fix them immediately. Kirk had written the code with the bugs just a few days earlier and was surprised how easy it was to fix the bugs while the code was still fresh in his mind. He continued to write code and continued to address bugs assigned to him as soon as possible. He discovered that fixing bugs close to the point when they were created was always much easier than waiting until later was. He also discovered that fixing bugs early helped him write better code later although he made mistakes in his code, he rarely made the same mistakes twice. Because of his new approach to development and addressing bugs, Kirk became one of the most productive and respected developers on the team. Some teams see the intent of the bug bar as a process that can limit the total number of bugs open at any particular time. For example, if there are 20 developers on the team and the bug bar is 10 bugs per developer, math says (theoretically) there will never be more than 200 bugs open at any time. In practice, this theory might or might not be true, but reducing the overall bug count is not the intent of a bug bar. The intent of capping bugs per developer is to force developers to fix bugs as close to the time of bug creation as possible. In the earlier example, Kirk figured out this concept, and Rob did not. One (ill-conceived) solution is to lower the bug cap number. If, for example, the bug count was set at 5, Rob would have been forced to fix his bugs sooner! Although that solution might work (or might not), the real solution is to communicate to the entire team what the goals and intent of implementing a bug cap are. Of course, if the goal of implementing a bug cap is to fix bugs as close as possible to the point when they were created, the bugs need to be found as close to the point of creation as possible. In other words, a system such as this requires that the test team be involved from the very start of feature development. If no one is finding the bugs early, no one will be able to fix them early. Classic Bugs at Microsoft Millions of individual issues are created in the bug tracking systems at Microsoft every year. Many of the issues are product bugs, but work items, bugs duplicated in different databases, and bugs in test tools and code also contribute to the overall number of issues. However, a few issues every year fall into a completely different category. A few of these examples are as follows. Bug #65889: The new 2% milk cartons are clearly dysfunctional. They don't open properly . Opened by The new 2% milk cartons are clearly dysfunctional. They don't open properly. This seems to be a regression from the older design. Building 35 is having the same issue. Clearly, this is a Pri1, Sev1 bug because I'm encountering it 2 to 3 times a day. Response from Microsoft Dining Thank you for contacting us about the new milk. We found out the reason that the milk is hard to open is because our milk provider has just bought a brand-new machine for the pint-size milk cartons and
help isolate the problem. Source control can show all changes made to a file, module, feature, or entire application between any points in time. If a tester discovers a bug that didn't occur on a test pass two weeks earlier, she can easily identify all source code changes and examine the differences to investigate which change might have caused the error. Note that on some teams, developers can be the team members who go through this process. (See the sidebar titled "Who Wears What Hat " that follows for more information on this topic.)
The layout of some program elements is primarily a matter of aesthetics. Layout of control structures, however, affects readability and comprehensibility and is therefore a practical priority.
Meyer, Bertrand. Object-Oriented Software Construction, 2d Ed. New York: Prentice Hall PTR, 1997. Software Measurement Guidebook , NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Available from sel.gsfc.nasa.gov/website/documents/online-doc.htm. For more details on this professional development program, as well as for up-todate reading lists, see our professional development website at www.construx.com/professionaldev/.
Windows Mail stores messages individually, in human-readable .eml files. Outlook Express, in contrast, employed a system of binary (.dbx) files, storing all the messages for a given folder in a single .dbx file. The change promises to make
ASSERT ( TRUE == bRetVal ) ; if ( TRUE == bRetVal ) { // Set the instruction pointer to the beginning of the // call instruction. stFinalCtx.Eip = (DWORD)dwRetAddr ; // Call the common function that does the actual write. eRet , szDumpName , = CommonSnapCurrentProcessMiniDump ( eType
6.5 Transaction Processing
Access clients
If B is a bag (or multiset) with universe U, the multiplicity function of B, denoted MB, is the function on U that tells how many copies of an element B contains.
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