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During the beta period, Office Live is free; after the trial period, Office Live Collaboration and Office Live Essentials will be charged at a monthly subscription rate. To find out more about Microsoft Office Live services, go to
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Work with Dynamic Data Websites
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What is the authentication and accounting provider The authentication provider will take the credentials presented by the connecting entity and verify them for the VPN router. The accounting provider maintains detailed logs of successes and failures of the connections being made. The VPN router can use Windows or RADIUS as its authentication or accounting provider. When Windows is used as the authentication and accounting provider, the VPN router uses Windows security to validate the credentials of a calling router and access the calling router s user account dial-in properties. Locally configured remote access policies authorize the VPN connection and locally written accounting log files log VPN connection accounting information. This scenario is good for small to medium installations because accounting needs will be contained on a few select nodes. When RADIUS is used as the authentication and accounting provider, the VPN router uses a configured RADIUS server to validate the credentials of a calling router, authorize the connection attempt, and store VPN connection accounting information. Using RADIUS is ideal for large-scale installations or scenarios where multiple technologies (for example, VPN and wireless solutions in the same organization) need to use the same authorization and accounting tools. Also, using RADIUS with IAS allows for centralized logging and auditing using the new SQL-XML logging features of Windows Server 2003.
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On the Windows SBS Console, click Network and then Devices. The printer appears in the Printers list.
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The intensity of the light is key to the quality of our vision . The pupil is a round opening in the iris, which allows light to penetrate the eye . Just like a camera's aperture, the pupil expands and contracts to regulate how much light is received .
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To connect to the system root folder (the folder in which Windows SBS is installed) on another computer, use the following syntax: \\computer_name\admin$ code 39 generator database
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The rst disk on your computer will be highlighted. You can select any disk shown, or if the disk you want to install on isn t displayed, you can load any required driver at this point by clicking Load Driver. Clicking Drive Options (Advanced) will give you additional options to repartition or format the selected drive. When you ve selected the drive to install on, click Next and the installation will begin. You won t be prompted again until the installation completes and you re prompted for a password for the Administrator account.
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CHAPTER 9: Deploying Your Application
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Table 4-39. Existing Ranges
After you create a Data Collector Set, right-click the name of the Data Collector Set in the navigation pane and select Properties. Click the Stop Condition tab. To stop collecting data after a speci ed time, select Overall Duration and choose the number and units of time.
In the previous section, I referred to the fact that the formation of a chart basis i .e ., the route taken by the data in steps C through D is usually organized using formulas . These create a definable extract of the data sources, which can be modified using controls . I therefore will refer to some of the relevant functions, which are called lookup and reference functions in Excel, as extracting functions . We ll be using the three most important of these soon, so I ll briefly digress in order to explain this subject . Other functions from the same group will come into play in later chapters . On the Companion CD Open the \Samples\0201_Extract.xlsx file on the CD-ROM . The 0201_Extract.xlsx file contains the structure model described above in condensed form . Elements A and B aren t included, while elements C, D, and E are summarized on a single worksheet . Note the following points with reference to Figure 2-3:
Key Topics
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