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E-Mail, Collaboration, and Personal Productiity
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1. Load pgAdmin III, and connect to the hatshop database. 2. Click Tools Query tool (or click the SQL button on the toolbar). A new query window should appear. 3. Use the query tool to execute this code, which adds the shipping table to your hatshop database: -- Create shipping table CREATE TABLE shipping ( shipping_id SERIAL NOT NULL, shipping_type VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, shipping_cost NUMERIC(10, 2) NOT NULL, shipping_region_id INTEGER NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT pk_shipping_id PRIMARY KEY (shipping_id), CONSTRAINT fk_shipping_region_id FOREIGN KEY (shipping_region_id) REFERENCES shipping_region (shipping_region_id) ON UPDATE RESTRICT ON DELETE RESTRICT ); 4. Use the query tool to execute this code, which populates the shipping table from your hatshop database: -- Populate shipping table INSERT INTO shipping (shipping_id, shipping_type, shipping_cost, shipping_region_id) VALUES(1, 'Next Day Delivery ($20)', 20.00, 2); INSERT INTO shipping (shipping_id, shipping_type, shipping_cost, shipping_region_id) VALUES(2, '3-4 Days ($10)', 10.00, 2); INSERT INTO shipping (shipping_id, shipping_type, shipping_cost, shipping_region_id) VALUES(3, '7 Days ($5)', 5.00, 2);
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Name Resolution (2.0)
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QWebSettings *GlobalSettings = QWebSettings::globalSettings(); GlobalSettings-> setAttribute(QWebSettings::OfflineWebApplicationCacheEnabled, true);
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Figure 3-5: The Global SUPERASSERT Options dialog box The Stack Walking section determines how much stack walking will be done when the SUPERASSERT dialog box appears. The default is to walk only the thread that had the assertion, but if you want to have the fastest popup possible, you might want to set it to only walk stacks manually. The Additional Mini Dump Information section specifies how much information you want written out to any minidumps. (For more information, see the MINIDUMP_TYPE enumeration documentation.) Checking Play Sounds On Assertions plays the default message beep when the SUPERASSERT dialog box pops up. Checking Force Assertion To Top sets the SUPERASSERT dialog box as the topmost window. If the process is being debugged, the topmost window setting is not applied because SUPERASSERT can block the debugger. All SUPERASSERT global settings are stored in the registry under HKCU\Software\Bugslayer\SUPERASSERT. Also stored in the registry are the last location and fold state so that SUPERASSERT returns to the same position you expect every time. I want to mention a few other details about SUPERASSERT. The first is that, as you see in Figures 3-3 and 3-4, SUPERASSERT has a grippy area in the lower right corner so that you can resize the dialog box. SUPERASSERT is also multiple-monitor-aware, so on the system menu is an option allowing you to center the dialog box on the current monitor so that you can get SUPERASSERT back to a desired location. What you can't see from the figures is that you don't have to display SUPERASSERT at all. At first, you might think that option is counterproductive, but I assure you it isn't! If you followed my recommendations in 2 and started testing your debug builds with a regression-testing tool, you know that handling random assertion messages is almost impossible. Because of the problems in handling assertion messages, your test engineers are much less likely to use the debug build. With my assertion code, you can specify that you want the output to go to OutputDebugString, a file handle, the event log, or any combination of the three. This flexibility allows you to run the code and get all the great assertion information but still automate your debug builds. Finally, SUPERASSERT is super smart about when it pops up. It always checks whether an interactive user is logged into the process windows station. If no one is interactively logged into that window station, SUPERASSERT won't pop up and hang your application. Because of all the information SUPERASSERT gives me, I'm using the debugger less than ever before, which is a huge win for debugging speed. When I hit an assertion, I position the SUPERASSERT dialog box to pop up on my second monitor. I look through the local variable information and start reading source code on my primary monitor. I've found that 105
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Error! Objects cannot be created from editing field codes. F24xx03
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This header information will change depending on the page that the template is rendering (for example, the Frontpage will be different from article pages). The header information will be drawn from the menu or article that is being presented.
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using System; using System.Data; using System.Data.SqlClient; public class DBDemo { // Private field to hold DB connection reference private IDbConnection sqlCon = null; // Private field to hold the SQL Server Name private string sqlServerName = "MySQLServer"; private void Connect() { // Create a connection to the specified SQL Server using // a database named MyDatabase // and integrated Windows security string conStr = "Data Source=" + sqlServerName + " ; Database=MyDataBase;" + " Integrated Security=SSPI"; sqlCon = new SqlConnection(conStr); // Open the SQL Server Connection sqlCon.Open(); } private void Disconnect() { // Close the SQL Server connection sqlCon.Close(); } private void InsertPeople() { // Create and start a transaction IDbTransaction sqlTx = sqlCon.BeginTransaction(); // Create the SQL command and assign it to // participate in the local transaction IDbCommand sqlCmd = sqlCon.CreateCommand(); sqlCmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text; sqlCmd.Transaction = sqlTx; try { // Insert three records into the "people" table sqlCmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO people (name,age,sex)" + " VALUES ('Bob', 32, 'male')"; sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); sqlCmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO people (name,age,sex)" + " VALUES ('Fred', 27, 'male')"; sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
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e ve been involved with more than one operation that depended on and implemented auxiliary generators to support their operations during ex-
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Keeping Control of Your Story
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A more efficient solution to the shortest paths problem uses loops instead of recursive CTEs. It is more efficient for similar reasons to the ones described earlier; that is, in each iteration of the loop you have access to all previously spooled data and not just to the immediate previous level. You create a function called fn_RoadsTC that returns a table variable called @RoadsTC. The table variable has the attributes from_city, to_city, distance and route, which are self-explanatory. The function's code first inserts into @RoadsTC a row for each (city1, city2) and (city2, city1) pair from the table Roads. The code then enters a loop that iterates as long as the previous iteration inserted rows to @RoadsTC. In each iteration of the loop, the code inserts new routes that extend the existing routes in @RoadsTC. New routes are added only if the source and destination do not appear already in @RoadsTC with the same or shorter distance. Run the code in Listing 9-43 to create the fn_RoadsTC function.
Lesson Review
Method CreateCommand CreateCommandBuilder CreateConnection CreateDataAdapter CreateParameter
Figure 6-31. The Preview option will display all of the module and component locations.
You could run the Hyper-V Manager console by starting it from the command
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VPN Deployment % %USERNAME% %REMOVAL% pause %RQCLOC% %CONNNAME% %TUNNELCONNNAME% %PORT% %DOMAIN% %USERNAME% %R EMOVAL% IF %ERRORLEVEL%==0 GOTO QUARANTINED_REMOVED IF %ERRORLEVEL%==1 GOTO QUARANTINED_INVALIDLOC IF %ERRORLEVEL%==2 GOTO QUARANTINED_INVALIDSTRING goto QUARANTINE_FAIL :QUARANTINED_REMOVED %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe http://iis1.example.com/test.htm goto EXIT_SCRIPT :QUARANTINED_INVALIDSTRING echo Invalid removal string passed. Request rejected. goto QUARANTINE_FAIL :QUARANTINED_INVALIDLOC echo Unable to contact remote access server. (Is port %PORT% open ) GOTO QUARANTINE_FAIL :QUARANTINE_FAIL echo Quarantine removal failed. Please disconnect, and retry the c onnection. echo If the problem persists, please contact help desk at 5550100. :SHOWQUARANTINEINFO %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe http://ca1.example.com/quarantine.htm goto EXIT_SCRIPT :EXIT_SCRIPT @rem *** @rem * Exit script. @rem * echo Script has completed. end
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