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FIguRE 25-4 Windows uses processor groups to support machines with up to 256 logical processors in them
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Lesson 2
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Depending on the language you re using, you might be able to use any of several kinds of if statements. The simplest is the plain if or if-then statement. The ifthen-else is a little more complex, and chains of if-then-else-if are the most complex.
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// Read the opcode at the location. bReadMem = DBG_ReadProcessMemory ( dp->hProcess &bTempOp &dwReadWrite ASSERT ( FALSE != bReadMem ) ; ASSERT ( sizeof ( BYTE ) == dwReadWrite ) ; 178 , , ) ; (LPCVOID)ulAddr , sizeof ( BYTE ) ,
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=IF(rL1.GrossSalesSel=TRUE,"x","") . The reason for this detour is that it is much
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Even if you re the only person to use and work on your Ruby code, it s inevitable that over time you ll forget the nuances of how it was put together and how it works. To guard against code amnesia, you should document your code as you develop it. Traditionally, documentation would often be completed by a third party rather than the developer, or would be written after the majority of the development had been completed. Although developers have always been expected to leave comments in their code, true documentation of a quality such that other developers and users can understand it without seeing the source code has had less importance. Ruby makes it extremely easy to document your code as you create it, using a utility called RDoc (standing for Ruby Documentation ).
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If SharePoint adds the closing parenthesis at the end of the expression, the result is 60:
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It is clear by now that PostgreSQL is somehow related to the data tier. However, if you haven t worked with databases until now, it might be less than obvious that PostgreSQL is more than a simple store of data. Apart from the actual data stored inside, PostgreSQL is also capable of storing logic in the form of stored procedures, maintaining table relationships, ensuring various data integrity rules are obeyed, and so on. You can communicate with PostgreSQL through SQL (Structured Query Language), which is a language used to interact with the database. SQL is used to transmit to the database instructions such as Send me the last 10 orders or Delete product #123. Although it s possible to compose SQL statements in your PHP code and then submit them for execution, this is generally a bad practice, because it incurs security, consistency, and performance penalties. In our solution, we ll store all data tier logic using database functions. The code presented in this book was designed to work with PostgreSQL 8.1 (the most recent stable version at the time of writing). PostgreSQL consists of the data store in the e-commerce software project, as shown in Figure 2-5.
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Silverlight XAML Basics
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Before writing the first line of code, you ll need to install a code editor, if you don t already have a favorite. Many free editors are available, and there is an ever longer list of commercial editors. It s a matter of taste and money. You can find a list of PHP editors at Here are a few of the more popular: Zend Studio ( is perhaps the most powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) available for developing PHP web applications. phpEclipse ( is an increasingly popular environment for developing PHP web applications. Zend is a member of the Eclipse foundation. Emacs ( is, as defined on its web site, an extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor. Emacs is a very powerful, free, and cross-platform editor. SciTe ( is a free and crossplatform editor. PSPad ( is a freeware editor popular among Windows developers. The editor knows how to highlight the syntax for many existing file formats. Additional plugins can add integrated CSS editing functionality and spell checking. PHP Designer 2006 ( is a Windows editor that contains an integrated debugger.
It is more efficient to compile an XPath expression if it is to be used repeatedly. The XPathExpression.AddSort method enables the configuration of sorting characteristics for node sets selected by the expression. The XPathExpression.ReturnType property returns a member of the XPathResultType enumeration that identifies which result type the encapsulated XPath expression will return.
Figure 22-1 shows a single Windows process that has one CLR COM server running in it . This CLR is currently managing two AppDomains (although there is no hard-coded limit to the number of AppDomains that could be running in a single Windows process) . Each AppDomain has its own loader heap, each of which maintains a record of which types have been accessed since the AppDomain was created . These type objects were discussed in 4, Type Fundamentals ; each type object in the loader heap has a method table, and each entry in the method table points to JIT-compiled native code if the method has been executed at least once .
Group Policy aware Yes No Use Group Policy Preferences and disable Apply Once options. No
Key Decisions
The JBoss AS provides for strong Hibernate integration via its HAR Deployer and Hibernate Service. Via the Hibernate Service you can have a Hibernate SessionFactory object bound to JNDI. The HAR Deployer is a specialized JBoss deployer that will scan the contents of a JAR archive with the extension .har and create a SessionFactory with any Hibernate mappings found (.hbm.xml files). HAR stands for Hibernate Archive, and it represents a custom deployment available in JBoss AS. The HAR should contain the Hibernate mappings, the class files being mapped, and a JBoss service descriptor. Figure 5-8 shows the structure and contents of the HAR.
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