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The technical aspects can be explained rather quickly: the conditional formatting feature in Excel 2007 provides a wide range of variations . The so-called data bar is one of these integrated innovations . These bars are intended for a very different use than shown here . Usually, they are displayed in the same cell as the number whose value they symbolize . This may be practical and useful for brief analytical assessments, but often don t work well in present-
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In your case: gem build string_extend.gemspec This makes gem create the final gem file, string_extend-0.0.1.gem.
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Func<Int32, Int32, String> f7 = (n1, n2) => { Int32 sum = n1 + n2; return sum.ToString(); }; barcode control
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What does TypeRef entry indicate
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Also, being able to explicitly specify a synchronization object to the EnsureInitialized method s syncLock parameter allows multiple initialization functions and fields to be protected by the same lock . Here is an example using a method from this class:
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Creating a Master Page
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Advanced Security Management
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Click Next to open the Migrate Network Settings page of the Migration Wizard, shown in Figure 7-49.
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Bearer Management Contacts Document Gallery Feedback (haptics) Location Multimedia Messaging Organizer Publish and Subscribe Service Framework Sensors System Information Telephony Events Versit (vCards)
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Superscopes contain only a list of member scopes or child scopes that can be acti vated together; they are not used to configure other details about scope use.
10. Educate end users in security awareness. Teach them to be suspicious of e-mail attachments, links, and other enticements. An educated end user may be your best security tweak in a small network. 11. Have a disaster recovery plan and test it. Really test it. 12. Install a third-party trusted certificate for use in remote access to the server. Both Windows Server Code Name Cougar and Windows Essential Business Server feature a remote access portal that offers up secure access over a SSL connection. Although the server(s) can be deployed with built-in self-signed certificates, purchase and install a external certificate from an SSL certificate vendor. Specific guidance on how to do this has been included in the material on the accompanying CD with step-by-step instructions. 13. Adjust the Schannel protocol to only support SSL3. PCI/DSS documents recommend this and modern browsers support this setting. Review the guidance in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 187498 and on the guidance on the accompanying CD. 14. Disable MS-CHAPv1 support on the VPN server and only allow the stronger CHAP or MS-CHAPv2 protocols instead. You will find additional information on how to do this on the accompanying CD.
Content administration is at the heart of most of the work an administrator will do on the site. Sections, categories, articles, and media need to be organized, managed, and archived. Since content management is the primary function of the Joomla CMS, the interface has been streamlined and optimized from earlier versions. Most content management will be performed within the Article Manager after the Section Manager and Category Manager have been used to configure the areas where the articles will be filed. The Frontpage Manager provides a shortcut method of seeing all of the content that will be combined for a sort of super category display on the home page of the site. The Media Manager supports uploads and management of media (images, sounds, Flash files, etc.) used within the articles. Finally, the Trash Manager works much like a desktop trashcan as a holding place of trashed content before final deletion.
<configuration> <system.web> <sessionState mode="off"/> </system.web> </configuration>
For arrays with reference type elements, the CLR allows you to implicitly cast the source array s element type to a target type. For the cast to succeed, both array types must have the same number of dimensions, and an implicit or explicit conversion from the source element type to the target element type must exist. The CLR doesn t allow the casting of arrays with value type elements to any other type. (However, by using the Array.Copy method, you can create a new array that has the desired effect.) The following code demonstrates how array casting works:
The General tab contains several fields of information. Service Name, which is the internal name used in Windows to refer to the service, is also known as the short name. Service Name
Variant 2 (Advanced Model)
Feedback fb1 = new Feedback(FeedbackToConsole); Feedback fb2 = new Feedback(FeedbackToMsgBox); Feedback fbChain = (Feedback) Delegate.Combine(fb1, fb2); // fbChain refers to a chain of two delegates. // Invoke the chain: two methods are called. if (fbChain != null) fbChain(null, 0, 10);
This query generates the following output:
pgAdmin III doesn t ship with the Linux version of PostgreSQL, as it does with the Windows version. Keeping in mind to replace the file names with the actual ones in case you use newer versions, here are the steps you should follow to install pgAdmin III on your Linux machine. 1. Download the source code for the pgAdmin III dependency wxWidgets from (currently the version for pgAdmin III v1.4.3 is wxWidgets 2.6.3). 2. Unpack, build, and install the source code: tar zvxf wxWidgets* cd wxWidgets* ./configure --with-gtk --enable-gtk2 --enable-unicode --enable-mimetype=no make make install
DECLARE @empid AS INT; SET @empid = 8; WITH MgrsCTE AS ( SELECT empid, mgrid, empname, 0 AS lvl FROM dbo.Employees WHERE empid = @empid UNION ALL SELECT P.empid, P.mgrid, P.empname, C.lvl + 1 FROM MgrsCTE AS C JOIN dbo.Employees AS P ON C.mgrid = P.empid ) SELECT * FROM MgrsCTE;
Adding a Workspace creates an area where a group of users can directly interact and share documents and discussions, separate from the overall document libraries. For our example, let s rst create a recurring meeting and assign users to the meeting, following these steps:
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