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The server is started by typing Start.exe from a command prompt; the client is started by typing CountClient.exe The server must be instantiated before the client can be run. Each time the client is executed, the server total will be incremented. Here's the output from the client for two separate executions:
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INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, orderdate, VALUES(40001, '20030109', 4, 'A', 40); INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, orderdate, VALUES(10006, '20030118', 1, 'C', 14); INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, orderdate, VALUES(20001, '20030212', 2, 'B', 12); INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, orderdate, VALUES(40005, '20040212', 4, 'A', 10); INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, orderdate, VALUES(20002, '20040216', 2, 'C', 20); INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, orderdate, VALUES(30003, '20040418', 3, 'B', 15); INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, orderdate, VALUES(30004, '20020418', 3, 'C', 22); INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, orderdate, VALUES(30007, '20020907', 3, 'D', 30);
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Now let s look at an example of a type that implements the same generic interface but with the type arguments left unspecified:
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Aside from the WebPartManager class, the Web Parts infrastructure is made up of three types of components, known as parts: Web parts, catalog parts, and editor parts. A Web part defines the content to show; an editor part lets users edit the structure and the settings of a particular Web part. For example, suppose you have a weather Web part that shows weather information for a few selected cities. An editor part for this Web part would provide a friendly user interface for users to add or remove cities and decide whether to see the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Based on the weather applet in the My MSN Web site, you enter in edit mode either by clicking the Select Your Cities button of the page or the Edit button in the caption bar. The specific properties you edit differ in each case, but you end up editing the contents of the Web part, as you can see in Figure 3-2.
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4. Open Excel. 5. Select a cell and paste the data. 6. Before you deselect the pasted range, click the Paste Options button to open the options menu (see Figure 8-1).
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for more details on errors, see 1 Section 22.4, Typical 2 Errors.
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Part III
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from the network address.
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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then in order to pass x to M, x would have to be boxed . For interface constraints, the C# compiler emits certain Intermediate Language (IL) instructions that result in calling the interface method on the value type directly without boxing it . Aside from using interface constraints, there is no other way to get the C# compiler to emit these IL instructions, and therefore, calling an interface method on a value type always causes boxing .
To begin fixing these problems, in Visual Studio first add two Panel controls to the page: one for the shipping address and the other for the billing address. Next, move the shipping address and billing address images and tables into their respective panels. Set the GroupingText property for the new Panel controls to shipping Address and billing Address respectively. Remove the shipping address and billing address images from the form. The Panel controls help with accessibility by enabling users to easily navigate to different parts of a form, and the GroupingText property replaces the shipping and billing address images (which screen readers cannot read).
Attribute Class Name System.Net.DnsPermission System.Security.Permissions.EnvironmentPermission
0x0080 0x00FF
Whether you use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or a simple text editor to code the .asmx file, writing Web services using the .NET Framework is definitely an easy task. And as you'll see, writing client applications to use those services is even easier. You can call a Web service through a URL using either the HTTP-GET or the HTTPPOST command. You can do that also from within an ASP.NET page using the WebRequest .NET Framework class. From within Visual Studio .NET, referencing a Web service is nearly identical to adding a reference to another assembly. What you get is a proxy class through which your Windows Forms or Web Forms application can reach its URL across port 80, just like a user's browser. In doing so, firewall problems disappear and HTTP on top of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or any other form of encryption can be used to transfer data. Connecting to a Web service is similar to connecting to a .NET Framework remotable object in that in both cases you end up using a proxy class. The big difference is in the characteristics of the proxy. The .NET Remoting proxy is a dynamically created object that works transparently under the hood of the remote object instance. The client has the impression that it is working with a local object that silently posts all calls to the remote object. The Web service proxy is a statically created class that must be compiled and linked to the project. The .NET Framework provides a tool to generate such a class. This tool, named wsdl.exe, takes the Web service WSDL script and generates a Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or a C# class (the default) that mirrors methods for synchronous and asynchronous calls. From the client perspective, calling into the proxy class is a local call. Each call, however, results in a roundtrip to the server. The following command line generates the C# proxy for the previously written Web service: wsdl.exe http://server/salesreport/salesreportservice.asmx wsdl The wsdl.exe utility is part of the .NET Framework SDK, and among its other options, it allows you to specify the protocol for the call and the language for the source code. The utility is also silently invoked by Visual Studio .NET when you reference a Web service using the Add Web Reference menu command in Solution Explorer. The Proxy Class The proxy class generated for a Web service is added to the project and is in effect a local class. The difference in the remoting architecture is that .NET Remoting uses a dynamically generated class whose method information is hard-coded in the object information being marshaled the ObjRef object. With a Web service, there is no dynamic class creation. The following source code represents the proxy for the Sales Report Web Service: using System; using System.Xml.Serialization; using System.Web.Services.Protocols; using System.Web.Services; [System.Web.Services.WebServiceBindingAttribute( Name="Northwind Sales Report Web ServiceSoap", 471
After this lesson, you will be able to
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