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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DNS
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programs execute in real time and change their output based on the state of the application and the requests coming in . Each request coming into a Web server running CGI runs a separate instance of a program to respond . The application can run any sort of operation, including looking up data in a database, accepting credit card numbers, and sending out formatted information .
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At this point, your application should have four squares equally spaced in the four cells of your application. The next step will be to introduce your transforms, but instead of just adding the transforms, you are going to animate the transformation taking place. 3. 4. Using the techniques discussed earlier in this chapter, create a new storyboard called TransformElements. You will perform the transformations over 2 seconds, so move the playhead on the timeline to 2 seconds. Select the rectangle named recTrans. In the Properties panel, find the Transform section. Select the Translate tab. Set X and Y to 25. This will cause the top-left square to move down and to the right, as shown in Figure 11-17. Highlight the rectangle named recRotate. In the Transform section of the Properties panel, select the Rotate tab. Set the Angle property to 45. The top-right square will rotate 45 degrees, as shown in Figure 11-18.
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automation efforts. Testing with PCMCIA cards, for example, can be a time-consuming task. The operating systems need to support inserting and removing cards at any time. Some classes of tests such as network tests might need to be run with several different PCMCIA network cards. On the Windows CE team, we used a "PCMCIA Jukebox" to assist in this testing. The device contained six PCMCIA slots and a serial connection we could use to simulate physically inserting and removing cards from any of the six positions. We didn't have jukeboxes for every piece of peripheral hardware, but where we didn't we did have several "switcher" devices that allowed us to simulate plugging and unplugging other removable devices such as USB and 1394/Firewire devices using a serial connection. The Windows team makes heavy use of a device simulation framework to emulate hardware. The framework enables tests that otherwise might be unpractical, such as plugging in hundreds of devices or plugging and unplugging a device thousands of times.
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Although the Clear method is being invoked on the CountState type, the Serializable attribute means that the instance that receives the Clear method call is contained in the local process, copied from the instance of the server, and returned as the result of the SumNumbers method. By contrast, classes that inherit from System.MarshalByRefObject will be handled as references and the remoting system will ensure that a proxy is used to dispatch method calls to the instance hosted by the server. A proxy class is one that appears as the remote type to the client but that dispatches member calls across the network to the remoting server; the client isn't aware that the remoting system is being used to service the type. The CountServer type is presented to the client via a proxy; all of the members of the type are available to the client, but when a method is invoked, the remoting system will be used to transparently perform the operation on the instance hosted by the server. See the "Publishing Limitations and Scope" section later in this chapter for details of members that will not be invoked remotely. By removing the Serializable attribute and deriving the CountState class from System.MarshalByRefObject, we change the way that the remoting system handles the CountState type; instead of creating serialized copies of the class and sending them to the client, a proxy will transparently dispatch member calls to the instance maintained on the remote server. The revised declaration for the class is shown here:
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of an unexpected exception . If your code catches an exception that passes through FCL code and then continues to use FCL objects, there is a chance that these objects will behave unpredictably . It s a shame that more FCL objects don t maintain their state better in the face of unexpected exceptions or call FailFast if their state cannot be restored .
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Listing 9-3. HTML Email Publisher Configuration <publishers> <htmlemail mailhost="localhost" skipusers="true" reportsuccess="fixes" subjectprefix="[build notification]" returnaddress="cc@integrallis.com" defaultsuffix="@integrallis.com" css="/opt/cruisecontrol/webapps/cruisecontrol/css/cruisecontrol.css" xsldir="/opt/cruisecontrol/webapps/cruisecontrol/xsl" logdir="logs/jakarta-lucene" > <always address="bigboss@integrallis.com"/> <failure address="group1@integrallis.com" /> <success address="group2@integrallis.com" /> </htmlemail> </publishers> Most of the attributes in the htmlemail element are related to the SMTP configuration or to the formatting of the outgoing email. The elements of interest are the three sub-elements always, failure, and success. The always element specifies that bigboss@integrallis.com will always get an email regardless of whether the build was a success or a failure, while the failure and success elements determine who gets an email in the case of a successful build or a failed one respectively. The skipusers attribute can be set to false to enable individual developers to receive emails for all of the builds where they have made changes. You ll need to create a mapping of the CVS users to their respective email addresses. This is accomplished by adding map elements under the email element as shown here: <map alias="cvsuser1" address="cvsuser1@integrallis.com" /> <map alias="cvsuser2" address="cvsuser2@integrallis.com" /> CruiseControl provides many other publishers including FTP, instant messaging via Jabbers XMPP protocol, and RSS. There are also a variety of applications to monitor your CruiseControl builds. As a user of the Firefox browser, I ve found the CruiseControl extension created by Dmitri Maximovich very useful (Firefox extensions can be found at https://addons. mozilla.org). Figure 9-7 shows the Firefox CruiseControl extension.
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name or IP address. Use Ping whenever you want to verify that a host computer can send IP packets to a destination host. You can also use the Ping tool to locate remote hardware problems and incompatible configurations. When troubleshooting network connectivity, use the Ping command to perform the following sequence of tasks.
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As a stateful data format, a DiffGram is particularly useful for building save-and-resume applications. In this context, a save-and-resume application is a desktop or Web application that can work both on line and off line. For such applications, the connection to the rest of the back-end system is optional and is not guaranteed to be up all the time. From the connectivity standpoint, a save-and-resume application is intermittent and must be able to get its core data either remotely (for example, from the central system) or locally (for example, from data persisted to files). In this section, we'll build a Windows Forms application that connects to a database, downloads some data, and disconnects. From this point on, the application works disconnected, the data it needs is stored locally, and the application can be used anywhere and shut down and resumed any number of times. All the changes made to the local data are correctly tracked and reported as insertions, deletions, and updates. At a later time, the application reconnects to the system and submits its changes. In this description, common words such as connection, back-end system, data, database, and updates are treated as blanket terms that each application can implement as needed. For example, a simple query executed on a SQL Server table in the sample application can easily become a call to a middle-tier object. Similarly, a simple connection to SQL Server in the sample application could be viewed as a login in a distributed application. Note While looking at the sample application discussed here, keep in mind that it is just a sample. Focus on the technologies involved and their interactions rather than on the implementation details. The overall context of the sample application, while representative of a common type of application, is certainly not a real-world scenario!
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tems, including Windows Server 2000, support IPSec NAT-T. Therefore, lack of support should not be a major concern if an organization wants to deploy IPSec-based solutions on Windows platforms. If third-party interoperability is needed, make sure that the third-party vendor has successfully implemented draft 02 of the IETF IPSec NAT-T specifications. With Windows Server 2003, you can use IPSec transport mode within a PPTP tun nel to get extremely powerful encryption services while also maintaining the ability to send information through NATs. The Microsoft implementation of PPTP since Windows 2000 adds security enhancements while preserving the other useful prop erties of PPTP, primarily through the addition of support for MS-CHAP v2 and EAP. These enhancements provide the ability to use smart cards and public-key certifi cates to strengthen both user authentication and encryption keys. This strengthens protection against both user impersonation and brute-force decryption of inter cepted packets. As a result, PPTP can be a useful alternative or complement to L2TP/IPSec-based VPNs. To maintain the proper level of security with PPTP, make sure to implement strong password policy with the use of PPTP. SSL VPN: Where Is Its Place in the VPN Market One of the new technologies making a stir in the remote access market is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) VPN. Instead of using standard tunneling protocols such as PPTP or L2TP/IPSec, SSL VPN takes advantage of SSL Internet encap sulation to punch through firewalls over Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 443, the port that is usually open to allow for SSL-encrypted communica tions to Web sites. Microsoft does support SSL as part of the overall strategy for remote access, but given the level of security that SSL provides compared to IPSec, it is used as a security option on an application level as opposed to full-blown VPN connectivity. The following table breaks down where SSLenabled communications come into play in relation to security and accessibil ity levels. Table 4-1 shows the Microsoft strategy for remote access solutions.
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