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i[nx].Stretch = Stretch.UniformToFill; RectangleGeometry r = new RectangleGeometry(); r.Rect = new Rect((ix * 100), (iy * 100), 100, 100); i[nx].Clip = r; i[nx].Source = new BitmapImage(uri); i[nx].SetValue(Canvas.TopProperty, Convert.ToDouble(iy * 100 * -1)); i[nx].SetValue(Canvas.LeftProperty, Convert.ToDouble(ix * 100 * -1)); cI[nx] = new Canvas(); cI[nx].Width = 100; cI[nx].Height = 100; cI[nx].Children.Add(i[nx]); cI[nx].SetValue(Canvas.NameProperty, "C" + nx.ToString()); cI[nx].MouseLeftButtonDown += new MouseButtonEventHandler(Page_MouseLeftButtonDown); if (nx < 15) GameContainer.Children.Add(cI[nx]); } // Mix up the pieces shuffle(); // Draw the board drawBoard(); }
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DHCP: 0............... = No Broadcast DHCP: Client IP Address (ciaddr) = DHCP: Your IP Address (yiaddr) = DHCP: Server IP Address (siaddr) = DHCP: Relay IP Address (giaddr) = DHCP: Client Ethernet Address (chaddr) = 08002B2ED85E DHCP: Server Host Name (sname) = <Blank> DHCP: Boot File Name (file) = <Blank> DHCP: Magic Cookie = [OK] DHCP: Option Field (options) DHCP: DHCP Message Type = DHCP NACK DHCP: Server Identifier = DHCP: End of this option field
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11 Web Site Navigation
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.method private hidebysig static void Counter(int32 from, int32 'to', class Feedback fb) cil managed
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Keyboard Input
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How to convert column values to Java objects and primitives. For example, a Java Date object can be mapped to many database types. How to model object relationships (such as inheritance, aggregation, and composition) on a database schema or how to model relations between tables in an object or group of objects. How to deal with database keys and object identity, which might not exist in the object model. How to optimize the resulting SQL calls. How to take advantage of proprietary database features such as updatable views and stored procedures. How to guarantee referential integrity without limiting the behavioral expressiveness of the object model. How to deal with transactions when the database is accessed concurrently from multiple sources. From a relational point of view, an object is nothing but an in-memory cache of the database data that must be invalidated and refreshed when appropriate. How to deal with expensive operations like loading many child objects in a one-to-many relationship (lazy loading, proxy objects, or caching). Obviously, as the object graphs get more complex, the tools have to be more intelligent. I ve seen countless companies that start with a very simple system for which they write their own persistence layer from the ground up. We equate this to writing your own application server. Sooner or later you ll run into some of technical questions pondered previously by others and discover that you re spending most of your time finetuning your persistence framework. ORM tools take away the complexity of mapping classes in memory to databases. They provide interfaces that automatically select, insert, update, and delete tables in the database in order to reflect changes made to an object model. Therefore my recommendation is that you choose a mapping tool earlier rather than later, before any temporary persistence logic in your application starts to look like a homemade framework. Using an ORM layer has proven to increase productivity by moving developer focus away from figuring out how to store objects (a nonfunctional concern) to solving the real business problems. Another positive side effect of using an ORM tool is that, like JDBC, it provides an isolating layer between the database and the application by providing an objectified view of the database. In a better case, it completely makes persistence transparent, without the complexity of writing and maintaining straight JDBC code. ORM tools also have drawbacks, including performance, portability (does the tool implement any of the known standards ), and the initial learning curve. If performance is of paramount importance in your application, isolate the key components of your application and test them against a significant amount of data.
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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Home Basic Home Premium Business Enterprise Ultimate
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The output will be similar to:
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Parsing XML Fragments
If removing the Role Services requires a restart, be sure to log back on with the same account you used to remove the Role Service. The removal can t complete until you log back on with that account. The Resume Con guration Wizard will open and complete the removal of the Role Service you selected. Click Close when the removal is complete.
Figure 11.6 The Playback Quality page. 6. Select at least one playback quality profile. The Publish Wizard will offer you only profiles that are appropriate for the type of content in your presentation. Since you re publishing to your local computer, make sure only one local playback profile is selected for now. Click Next to proceed to the Publish Your Presentation page, shown in Figure 11.7.
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