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9 . . Finally, add a banner . In my opinion, no master page is complete without a banner . Use the bitmap editor (or Paintbrush mspaint .exe) to draw a banner . The one in this
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16 Arrays
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To enable LINQ to SQL programming, you must follow a few basic steps before you can get started writing LINQ code against your database. The following is an overview:
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Lesson 1
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The schema change in T1 was not reflected in the view s metadata information . As far as SQL Server is concerned, the view still has just two columns . If you execute the previous SELECT query again, you still get only two columns in the output:
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Step 1-J2: Apply ON Filter (Join Condition)
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Static Routes For Remote Networks
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Data Access
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Important Stub zones do not serve the same purpose as secondary zones and are not an alternative when planning for fault tolerance, redundancy, or load sharing.
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// This method accepts an IEnumerable of any reference type Int32 Count(IEnumerable<Object> collection) { ... } ... // The call below passes an IEnumerable<String> to Count Int32 c = Count(new[] { "Grant" });
When the session state module is replaced, all the settings in <sessionState> are irrelevant unless the custom module uses them.
14 Spatial Data
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You want to make a configuration setting change that will affect only the current web application. Which file will you change
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