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<head> <title>Login Page</title> </head> <body> <form runat="server"> <h2>A most basic login page</h2> User name: <asp:TextBox id="m_textboxUserName" runat="server"/><br/> Password: <asp:TextBox id="m_textboxPassword" TextMode="password" runat="server"/> <br/> Remember password and weaken security : <asp:CheckBox id="m_bPersistCookie" runat="server"/> <br/> <asp:Button text="Login" OnClick="OnLogin" runat="server"/> <br/> </form> </body> </html>
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The General tab, shown in Figure 5-14, allows you to temporarily suspend name reso lution and to configure four basic features: zone type (including Active Directory inte gration), zone file name, dynamic updates, and aging.
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To move, you then need to get the x and y coordinates relative to the position of the empty block and assign them to the position of the clicked block. Then, assign the board location that previously contained the empty block to contain the value of the Canvas that the player just clicked, and the board location that previously contained the Canvas that the player just clicked to 1, indicating that it is now empty. Finally, call the checkWinner() function to see whether the player has successfully unscrambled the board.
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'x_type' $request->SetRequest($transaction); $response = $request->GetResponse();
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The java.rmi Package
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Creating and Using Excel Lists
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The trigger is so simple that all it has is an assignment of the EVENTDATA value to a local XML variable and a single INSERT statement that inserts the event attributes into the audit table . Note that it also inserts the full XML value in case you want to query attributes that were not extracted individually . To test the trigger, issue the following DDL events:
e have all heard the figures of how many software projects fail. The statistics tell us that the larger the project, the more likely it is to fail. In my own experience, I ve seen projects that on the surface appear to be marching along until that dreaded day when you have to give your customers a demo. As you check down the features list and talk to the developers responsible, you learn that some of the features are working but have not yet been integrated. Everybody checked their code in, and one poor soul, probably the one labeled QA engineer, attempts to build the application. The anticipation fills the air as you see a barrage of errors on the QA machine. What happened It worked for every developer individually. So, who do you blame From these lessons, we arrived at the nightly build, which typically creates a deliverable of some sort that a QA person can test in the morning. This practice, although good, still doesn t solve the problem. At the root of the problem there s an issue of culture. Programmers grew accustomed to getting a copy of the source code that they would work on until they deemed it worthy of being integrated into the main code base. One modern software development practice that s been embraced and promoted by many methodologies, particularly by the Extreme Programming (XP) movement, is the practice of continuous integration (CI). This practice might be one the most important lessons you ll ever learn from the XP and agile movements (although it s not a new concept, it has now been formalized and championed by these movements). The main idea is that developers working on a project should integrate changes to their code at least on a daily basis. With a powerful set of unit tests and a system that enables those tests to be performed in a continuous and automated fashion, you can ensure that any problem introduced into the system will be discovered in the next build. So, CI is about developer discipline and tools that make the desired behaviors the path of least resistance. Continuous integration, coupled with a strong set of tests, prevents problems from going unnoticed. It localizes in time problems introduced into the code base and the knowledge of the existence of those problems, enabling you to react as they occur. A well-configured CI system is like having a heart monitor on the pulse of your application that makes developers accountable for the code they check into the project.
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Diagnostics and Plumbing
You can use Internet Explorer to access repositories of files using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites as well as using HTTP to visit websites. To specify an FTP address, use the ftp:// prefix instead of http://. By default, Internet Explorer displays directory listings from FTP sites in a plain text view, using system fonts, as in the example in Figure 6-18. You can click the link to open any file saved in a browser-friendly format (text or HTML, for example) directly in the browser window. To save a file, right-click its hyperlink and choose Save Target As.
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